Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Well, it's about freaking time, eh?

Thanks to all of you who've left smartie-pants comments, and those of you who've checked in on my little piece of cyberspace time after time, just to be duped once again... I'm back. And to celebrate this back-ness, there will be a DAILY update for the next week or so. Hopefully this promise will make the update process habit forming, sort of like having a snack the minute I walk into my home, preferably before I take my coat off. This particular hiatus was kind-of sadness related. I'm more than on the mend, but not really ready to talk about it. SO DON'T COMMENT ABOUT THAT PART, HELLO.

What's new? I joined the YWCA yesterday. I love it. I had a short "core workout class" yesterday that today has me begging everyone I run into NOT to make me laugh. It hurts. I also took a rebounding class. I didn't even know what it was until everyone around me got out their mini-trampolenes. Oh my gosh, yes, it was so fun. I was sweating and laughing like a crazy woman the entire time. The goal is to push your feet down into the trampolene on the beat. But one wrong move and it springs you into the air. SO much fun. Tonight I'm going back for a BOSU class. I guess it's something about part of a ball. I'll keep you posted. Any YWers, let me know when we can take a class together. I'm always up for a little humiliation.

What else? I had a baby shower at my house on Sunday. More than 30 people scrunched into our little house, playing silly games off of pastel paper plates. Actually, I was a little nervous about pulling the whole thing off until the day it went down. People stayed well past the obligatory hour or so, and seemed to have fun. I OD'd on the mints, which I normally don't even notice. I think it's the whole Weight Watchers stigma. Now that I started the program, every little thing looks delicious. But, because someone other than me now looks at the numbers on the scale, I at least think before I put random stuff in my mouth. And as for the "Points Nazi", she'll be very happy to know that I'm not on the points plan, so I only have to think about them occasionally. (Insert cute sideways smiley that lets audience know I'm joking in a kind way)

What else? I hit a pretty good estate sale last Saturday. Although the owner was totally unwilling to negotiate prices, I still loaded up on some vintage polyester, but the biggest score was a 50's cutie-cute tablecloth for the kitchen table. I'm thinking about getting a cheapo portable dishwasher that will replace the kitchen table. I'd put a butcher block on the top, so it'd double as counter space. Any input? Tacky? Gross? Awesome?

Tomorrow is hump day. Go pick up a bottle of Twin Fin and share it with a buddy. It's delicious and cheap.

More to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wow, how time seems to get away from me these days! Going back to work after vacation is such a drag. I mean, getting up and going to bed early? Having puberty-stricken youth dissing my fashion? Someone barfing in class today? (She made it to the trash can) Shopping at Dick Blick (worst store ever) in my down time so we can make plaster hands in class today??? Well, today I'm just longing for a little FREEDOM. I can't really complain though. My job is pretty good and my life is certainly good, especially because my belly dance class is tonight AND the CC meeting is tomorrow night. Yee-haw!