Monday, November 26, 2007

When the time changed this fall, and everything got so dark so fast, the only thing I've wanted to do is curl up on the couch and watch a movie with my sweetie pie. I'll watch anything, even if it's not that interesting... Which has been making me feel very not-that-interesting. So, we're turning it off throughout the week for a month, and maybe catching up on a Netflix on the weekends. Who knows if this will extend past this month, but I think it'll be interesting to see how we fill up our time. Today was day 1 of the experiment and I made 2 draft snakes for the kitchen and a gnome hat. I also have surfed the web, talked with my hubbie, made a real dinner, done some reading, and now I'm off to take a bath. It feels like the weekend when I have time for all the stuff I love to do AND it's only a Monday.

PS: I love Jan Von Holleben's photos.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I got a new haircut last weekend, and life was a little more simple when I could just slap my dirty hair back into a ponytail. Now: day 1 hair looks ok, but not quite right, day 2 hair is the perfect amount of dirty and clean so it looks good, and day 3 tries to ride out the same look but it feels a little bit over-polluted with pomade.

Here's my newest and most favorite thrifty find. Someone spent a lot of time latching this rug and I'm going to enjoy it in the kitchen every time I wash the dishes.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Wow, all of you computer nerds out there will be officially not impressed, but really I'm excited to play around with this Vector Magic site (via Boing Boing). I didn't take the time (obviously) to play around with the colors, but changing this picture of our niece took all of about 2 minutes to do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Staff pictures are going to be taken at 7 AM tomorrow, and I'm thinking about how I usually look like a crazy woman when I'm posing. Right this second, I'm searching for tips on looking more natural in photos. This is a really interesting test by the BBC on interpreting fake vs genuine smiles.

It's buy one get one free at John Golden's Etsy shop and I'm having a really hard time picking just two.

Have you seen Amy Sedaris' Manhattan house over at Design Sponge? It makes me drool a happy smile.

Now, for a few side-notes:

1. We made it out to the Frida show on Friday night. It was wonderful. I'm almost done with her biography and I think that made the show especially the best thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life.

2. In my early 20's I was at my Grandma's house and I said something about how baseball hats never fit my head because it's too big. At that point I saw my Mom and Grandma exchange knowing looks. This obviously convinced me that they knew about a head swelling disease that I had but they refused to tell me about because they knew I'd freak out. Now that I'm in my 30's, I have the internet to tell me what disease I might have, and the head swelling one is not looking very likely. Nevertheless, I do have a very large head, and I'm working on sewing a hat for it. I've got it all cut out and ready to go but I'm dragging my feet because I doubt it'll fit. Yes, I measured and it says that it'll fit, but those pesky measurements on the pattern backs are more often bullshit than not. I'm using an old wool skirt for the outer fabric and a cotton printed with mallards for the lining.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I don't normally smile with my jaw unhinged, but we were saying "Raaa" for the camera.

Joey's favorite question by far is, "Where'd the kitty go?"

We had such a fun time with family in town! And we just loved getting to know Campbell. I think she might be the cutest ladybug of all time.

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!

Happy, happy (and just a day late) birthday to the sweetest man I never even knew could be out there. You make me smile every single day.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This website is "funny".