Thursday, March 31, 2005

Be Good

"You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves."
-Mary Oliver, Wild Geese
This quote comes via Superhero. I'm not sure exactly why, (could it be my baptist upbringing?) but it hits a spot so exact that I've got a lump in my throat right now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

dreaming about spring

I took this picture last week at the Como Conservatory in St. Paul. They've remodeled there, and the place is wonderful and the smell amazing. I can't remember what this flower is called... fox glove? With spring on its way, I've been constantly daydreaming about hanging out in our back yard, sipping bloodies, painting my toenails, and digging in the dirt. A few nights ago I had the coolest dream. I was in our backyard, facing the alley, when I realized that the grass under my feet was turning from brown/gray to green and the green was spreading everywhere like spilled paint.
For Easter Zander gave me the cutest sketchbook/journal. The company that makes them uses the covers and a few inside pages of old books, they add some plain paper, and then give it a spiral binding. Mine is from the book, Julie of the Wolves. I love it so much that I'm feeling pressure to have the first thing that I put in it be REALLY great. So far, nothing is inside, but I've been petting it often. Not to rip off a cool company's thang, but Paper Depot over by the Minneapolis Farmer's Market lets you rent a spiral binding machine for $2.50 and then 50 cents per spiral binder...


Zander really has some peep-eating, brain-tickling parents.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Geesh, once again it's been a while since my last posting. Last week I was on Spring Break, and loved every minute away from school. Yes, I love my job. However, I'm antsy to know what school I'm going to next, so I'm not feeling QUITE as devoted as usual. Yesterday my kindergarten students were chatting about what they want to be when they grow up. One of the girls said that she's going to be everything except a fire man because they can burn up and die. The boy next to her wants to be a fire fighter and reminded her that they've got special suits that don't let them die. Another boy in class claimed that he's going to be a super hero. Part of his job will be to put people in jail when they steal, even people in our class. EVEN Mrs. Cannon! This inspired an in-depth conversation about whether or not super heros are real. Last week Zander's parents were in town helping us feel better about all of the cancelled flights that were going to get us out of town, but due to the crappy weather... didn't. We saw a couple of flower shows and had fondue at The Times. We also went to Red Wing for a little get away and stayed at a cute but not too frou-frou bed and breakfast. It was wonderful. Right before we fell asleep we talked about how much our pillows at home suck and how we are so going to get new ones. Oh, and we went to Emily's party which was lots and lots of fun. Tonight Rebecca and I printed 80 t-shirts for her Forge the Gorge race this Sunday. Printing them on the Gocco was lots faster than I imagined and they look pretty darn cute.
By the way, HAPPY HOUR is a must this Friday at Psycho Suzi's. We'll be there before 5:30. Come!

Monday, March 14, 2005


Last week Shad sent me a link to these awesome bags. I don't know how to go making something like that, but would love to try.

Cothing Swap Success?

Yesterday was the first annual clothing swap here at the Cannon household. (While this was happening, the boys were upstairs rocking out to the most awesome-est geek fest/video game extravaganza ever) Mid afternoon, 14 women arrived with bags of clothing they no longer LOVE, along with beauty products that no longer seemed beautiful to them. Oh, and they brought lots of really good food too. I think there was a really good mix of people, and the clothes gave everyone something to chat about. I was hoping for just a little drama, maybe two women really wanting the same outfit, and punching for it. I think Anna should host the next one, and if there's no drama we just might need to stage a little something-something.

Mosaic project

Lately I've been fixated on our mosaic project at school. The students, staff and community have completed about 1000 3-dimensional tiles that are meant to be put into the shape of turtles. Thus giving our school, Turtle Lake, a "visual identity". I've been madly forcing these tiles to dry, firing them, organizing glazing schedules, firing again, and finally we are at the installion stage. On Saturday each of these tiles were glued up onto the walls of our school. Luckily we had so many wonderful volunteers that were really excited to help out with this project.

I love THIS itsy bitsy bikini tile.

I've still got the mosaic bug despite all of the work with it at school. I made this number plate to replace the ugly numbers that are screwed onto our front door. Now I just need to figure out how to attach it to the house.

Happy Birthday Jess!

My littlest sister just turned 20 on Saturday!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Lately I'm filling my time with projects and people and wine and yes, happiness, but deep inside I'm feeling very much like this.

We're not supposed to get pregnant yet, but I'm waiting to know when we will, and if it'll be OK. I'm supposed to find out where I'll be working next in about two weeks. I'm waiting to know where that'll be and what it'll be like. Yes, I feel like the bus is coming. That makes me feel content and happy. But, I don't know when it will come and I guess that makes me on the edgy side. Be patient with me sweet friends.
Last night I fell asleep on the couch before 8pm! Lately I've been "running" before school and I think it has caught up with me. OK, running is in quotes because I'm just so dang SLOW! I'm tuckered out. But with all of that extra rest under my belt, I'm ready for the day. My students are so antsy for spring break right now... just about a week away. I'm antsy too. Next weekend we're flying out to Denver to see Zander's family. So far, the plan is to hang out in Denver for the weekend, and then go to Santa Fe for a few days. I'm really hoping to see the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. She is one of my very favorite artists.

Emily is coming over tonight so we can catch up on our crafting ventures. I'm excited to grout the number plate for our house that I just finsihed mosaicing. I'll try and post that later this week.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Today is Rebecca's Birthday! Happy Birthday sweet friend!

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Ooh it is just so beautiful today! We spent the morning doing some extra cleaning, and then a good piece of the afternoon putzing around outside. Zander fixed my bike because the wheel was crooked and rubbing against the mud guard. I worked on my mosaic project and handed him tools and small pieces of advice. It was lovely to feel warmth shining down on my face. Later in the afternoon the ladies all came over for book club. I was a bit nervous because the book turned out to be disturbing, gross and SEXUAL... AND one of the people in the book club just happens to be my mother. Actually, the conversation went really well and no one said outloud that they hate me for picking such a downer book. Whew. Later the Lynn's came over and we hung out upstairs and ate left-overs from earlier. I feel like my body has zero nutritional value right now. Except for the fact that grapes make wine. I've seen Sideways you know. By the way, I've just stumbled upon two really great crafty websites. This one and this one.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

drawers... garbage or treasure???

I had a great time out with Rebecca tonight. We finally made it to Psycho Suzi's. The bloody marys are awesome! Six huge olives, a pickle and a coupla limes. Delish. The cheese curds on the other hand reminded me of cheese Twinkies. Disgustingly gross.
On my way home, I took the long windy way that goes through all the allies. Tomorrow is trash day you know, and there could be some really good stuff out there. Well, I picked up some really nice solid wooden drawers. About six of them. I'm wondering if I should just throw them out with our trash next week, or if anyone has some brilliant ideas for them? They're more deep than wide. Ideas?

More sewing

Last Saturday I stopped at Jo-Anne Fabrics and bought into their 99 cent pattern sale. I've never really made anything I could wear, (except that tea-towel-beach-cover-up in 4H) so I wanted to start with something easy. I'm going to make the view that's on the very bottom of the pattern.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wrestle Mania!!!

Sunday night Zander and I went to watch his friend wrestle! I'll admit that I wasn't that excited at first. Number one... All of the matches happen out in MAPLE GROVE! Number two... Wrestling??? Unfortunately we got there too late to see the Spider Baby do his thing, but what we did see was amazing! I loved watching Casanova woo the crowd with his hip gyrations and pillow talk, and then slam his opponent into a sleeper hold. Also, speaking of the crowd... Apparently the crowd is about 80% the same people every week. They are VERY into it. It was an experience so much like none I've had before, that I just wanted to take a ton of pictures and maybe a few notes. Monday afternoon I told my custodian at school that I had gone to a wrestling match. (He's a huge fan). We had a few laughs about the whole thing and then he went about his business. About an hour later he came back to give me my very own wrestler name. I am the ART-iculator. You know, because I'm an art teacher. Now whenever I see him, I beat my chest a grunt "I AM ARTICULATOR."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Down in the studio

With my sewing and crafting area all set up, I've been riding on a wave of project-galore-inspiration. Or maybe I've grown tired of the little voice inside my head that tells me what a lazy slob I am everytime I go upstairs to watch Six Feet Under. Whatever. Last week I whipped up these little curtains. The fabric came from the Saver's 1/2 price sale. 50 cents for a top sheet, and I figured the price was right. The window to which these curtains belong overlooks the backyard, and is upstairs in the family room.

I've also been sewing covers for the UGLY pillows on my pillow backed couch. So far I've got 7 out of 8 finished, and it has pretty much been a breeze. I'm totally loving the sewing part and not liking the measuring and cutting out nearly as much.

I'm a stinker

... A blog stinker that is. I've been on a bit of a (temporary) computer vacation lately. But I'm back have all kinds of things to write about this week. First off, this site has all kinds of cool t-shirts and patches. My jean jacket is needing a face lift, and I just might make a little order. I really like the Buzz-off and Stinker patches!