Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're Back!

Blogger phased out my old way of writing here, so I finally got serious and figured out how to fix it this weekend. If feels so good to be able to put pictures and other tidbits up here again! Jin is talking lots and his favorite sentence is "I DO IT, Mommy!" He wants to do everything. Pull up his chair to the stove and stir the soup? Yep. He wants to. Shovel the alley where drivers plow through with their eyes closed at about 50 mph? Yep. He wants to. Do all of the vacuuming for me? Yep. Sharpen the steak knives? Yep. This will all one day come in handy, but as of today, it's a bit frustrating. For him and me. I let him do as much as is pretty much safe, and this will have to tide us both over for now.