Friday, April 28, 2006


I adore working with stencils. I especially love making my own. Whether it's using freezer paper for t-shirts, or by cutting out a cardboard piece and spray painting the heck out of it, I love it all. However, a patient woman, I am not. And cutting out putzy little lines and pieces for a stencil makes me want to puke. So, $10 for a wide assortment of REALLY COOL stencils is right up my alley. I think the sparrows might show up in our bathroom soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yeah, here's us chaperoning the prom last Saturday night. Our real-life prom picture, taken in front of a winding staircase wrapped with white Christmas lights should come be coming in the mail any day now. I can't wait to see them, mostly because I'm a dork. My friend Melissa did my hair for me. She's genius. After narrowing down my outfit options for her, she settled on an era 'do, complete with what looked like finger curls. I felt SO elegant. Speaking of outfit, I wore a cranberry flapper-like number from a clothing swap that happened more than a year ago. We had a great time. It was so fun to see prom fashion 2006. And really, if my students didn't check read my little website, I'd have way more snarky commentary about that.
Oh, and I just found Pandora over at Superhero Designs. Just type in what musician you like, and it'll make a play list of that and similiar artists.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, I've either caught a teenie little cold or my allergy season is starting a month early. My nose is just dripping. Lovely timing with the new piercing. Ahem. I'm feeling just under the weather enough to skip cardio kick (my FAVORITE class) and stay in for the night. Which means I can't go wish the marvelous, yet non-blogging, HoLyn a very merry birthday. JoLyn, tonight I'll raise you a glass from my couch. Bummer.

Since I'm in for the night, I'm also cooking. I bought some fennel to try out in a new recipe, and I need to use it up before it goes bad. Not like I'd know the difference, I've never even tasted fennel. Blech, it smells like anise but it sure is pretty. I'm in love with polka dots these days, so it was fun to find them hiding inside the bulb.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today I discovered that my workplace has filtered out the use of Blogger. While I can look at my website at work, I unable to check any comments or have access to the Blogger website. Interesting. I wonder if many teachers have time to blog while they have students in the room? Mine would be look like this: Starting clay today with Art I. Must send some muscle out to get clay out of my car. I hope City Pages on the front seat isn't still opened to Savage Love. I also hope I don't get in trouble for giving them my keys. Damn, where are my keys? Oh here they are. Alright I'm back. One of the kiddies needed help finding their project. It's looking good, but how is it that only I can find things in this room? AND, I just got ink on my skirt and it's only 7:30am. We're not even using ink today, how does this happen? Good thing I wore my crappy wrap skirt today. I hate this skirt. It makes me look like a total frump, but I feel like it's casual enough to wear with tennies, and my feet needed a break this morning. I can't wait for flip-flops. Except that my toenails are awful. Oh crap, how the time flies. It's already 10:00 and I forgot to eat the breakfast I brought along today. Yogurt smells a bit funny, but I'm sure it'll be fine if I add a little Fiber One. Time for the bell to ring. Students are hanging out around my desk. Someone is playing with my toothbrush and wondering why I have one. They think it's gross that I brush my teeth during the day. Why can't I brush my teeth without being scrutinized? Back from lunch. I love Taco Tuesdays in the cafeteria. Sat in the staff room like always. One of the teachers that I like to call Garanimal was blabbing on about how she teaches the students to love to read. Thank god she didn't teach me how to love to read. I'd definitely be a books-on-tape-only-girl. This room is a mess. I must stay late and clean. I need a Diet Coke.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Here's the happy couple on their wedding day, way up on the very top of a mountain in Colorado. We had such a great time just staying at the foot of the mountain, taking in the lovely scenery, catching up with family, and for Zander, actually skiing. (He's a really good skier. I hope we have time for snowboarding lessons together next year--I think that'd be so fun.) The ceremony was on the very top of a mountain, and most of us were sitting on a deck-like structure that sort of hung off the side. The little kids kept wanting to go to the edge of the deck and get some snow to suck on/throw/kick around, while the rest of us gasped every time they got even remotely close to the sides.

Yesterday we went over to my mom's house for an Easter lunch. Hello, I ate too many chocolate eggs! You know the pastel ones, they look kind of chalky on the outside, but have chocolate inside. Yeah, I'm thinking they have some kind of crack on the inside that makes you continue to eat them long past the time that was ever considered within moderation. Anyway, my little nephew was there and I love holding him. Especially now that he's starting to laugh and make little cooing sounds. Here's little Joey laying on my knees and drooling all over my skirt.

Well, I've never claimed to be photogenic, but you'd think I could slap on some blush before I put my picture out there for the world to see. I will admit that I took about 30 pictures of me looking out this window trying to get some good old natural lighting and a decent looking picture. Where did those wrinkles on my forehead come from??? Anyway, another little piece of Easter this year was going home and showing off a new little piece of jewelry that I got this weekend. I've been wanting to do it for a long time, so it was nice to get the family seal of approval. Oh, and Zander likes it too. Yeah, and I really like it too.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today I worked like crazy to get everything organized for a few days off from school. It was time consuming because things that come as second nature to me, obvious as all get out, easy as pie, I need to write out piece by piece for a substitute teacher. As I was prepping my students for my days away, making sure they don't miss me TOO much, really all they wanted to know... "Is the sub hot?" Anyway, we're heading out to Colorado for a family wedding where the bride and groom are going to ski down the hill as they tie the knot. Pretty exciting. Being not much of a skier myself, I'm going to ride down the hill instead. We'll be back on Sunday, and I'll update a bit then. Have a great weekend!