Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well, it's kinda nice that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and now we've got a leisurely weekend to look forward to. We had a fun time over at my mom's house on Christmas eve. Joey was so excited for Christmas, and Jin (with his red cheeks and runny nose) just took it all in from the vantage point of mine or Zander's arms. We also made (and ate) way too much minty bark, and then took Jin out for a little ride in his sled today. He loved it, although he couldn't figure out what to make of his new winter boots from Grandma. He kind of forgot how to walk...

Our Christmas tree is about 3 feet tall and potted. I've heard that if I keep re-potting it, it'll grow as tall as I'd like it to. If I can only just keep it alive, it'll be so cool to have our tree from Jin's first Christmas with us.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick One!

I might have 5 or less minutes left of this nap, so this will be a really quick post. Lotsa pictures, not so many words.

Zander's dad is Papa and we love to "call" all the grandparents on my old dead cellphone, many, many times a day...

Jin loves this little pull phone, and he LOVES walking, but I'm not sure he really understands the combination of the two...

Naps over, more later!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jin is very musical.

The video gets a little experimental towards the end, but the shouts of happiness are worth it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Happy to be Home!

Doesn't he have the cutest laugh?


So many firsts around this house... Here's Jin's first meal, and I'm sorry to say that we forgot to put a bib on him! Oh well, we did learn that he loves chicken noodle soup (thanks Mom) and baby food squash. With all that time waiting, I could have grow my own free-range/organic and high fructose corn syrup free squash, cooked it, mashed it, and then frozen it in cute little screen printed non-BPA tupperware. Because let me just say, there is no time now. Crafty projects are not happening, and my stack of magazines are just not getting read any time soon. Thank goodness for the Ergo carrier, because that's the only way I even pee these days. Joking aside, things are going really well. We're really happy and really sleepy. Jin is still on Korea time, so we're up during much of the night. He's bonding with us really well. I think he's feeling safer and safer each day. Oh, and he's the sweetest boy I've ever met.

I promise all of the sweet phone calls and emails aren't going one bit unnoticed. I'll be back in business in no time at all.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

First Family Picture

Our first family picture, and I look kinda goofy, but who cares!? I just need a bit more practice I guess.

We got to spend about an hour alone with Jin today and he is the sweetest boy. His foster parents obviously love him very much and he'll definitely need to do some grieving just being apart from them. He cried a lot this afternoon, but we held onto him and sang to him, and cooed at him, and played with his hair, and patted his bottom and he fell asleep in our arms. When he woke up he was much more comfortable with us than he was before he fell asleep. Based on this afternoon, our social worker and the foster parents said that we can take him back to the hotel Wednesday afternoon and then they'll give us a ride to the airport on Thursday morning. Only about 48 hours to go until Wednesday afternoon...

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today I woke up around 4:30 AM wondering what we should do today. We've wandered around the city lots and lots, and there's so much to see. We're staying in the Hongik University area, so the college kids are bar hopping, the ex-pats are puking in the alley ways around 7:00 AM, and the trees aren't quite ready to drop all of their leaves. At the guest house after breakfast today we were chatting with some other people meeting with their children this week too. We're all thinking about the long flight home and just wanting to see our babies. Tomorrow we'll see Jin just after his nap. Anyway, we just spent about 2 hours holding babies in the orphanage's nursery. A few were only days old and I'm guessing that the rest were under a month old. There were two women taking care of 30 babies! They were getting great care, but they really need volunteers to help out. I almost didn't go in because I was afraid we'd get in the way, but they put us to work. Now we're heading out to eat and then off to Toy Alley, looking for some cute Korean stuff for Jin and his cousins. Thanks everyone for all your sweet thoughts and wishes for us. Other than shedding a few tears leaving the nursery today we're having a terrific time.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The first meeting

Our first meeting with Jin was so wonderful. His foster mother and her daughter are very sweet women who've taken great care of him. He's big. He's beautiful. He's got 8 teeth. He's walking. He say Appah (daddy) and Omah (mommy). His voice seems deep to me. He was cautious around us at first, but eventually he sat on my lap and let us give him toys, which he put immediately into his mouth. Now we've got the rest of the day and the entire weekend to figure out ways to distract ourselves until Monday when we can see him again. When I met Zander I felt like I'd already known him for a really long time, and now with Jin I feel that again. We are both so happy and just can't wait to bring this guy home.

We're HERE!

Hi friends! We're in Seoul and meeting Jin in about 30 minutes! The traveling went really smoothly and our hotel is really nice. But seriously, it could all have been crap for all we care because we're actually meeting Jin... really soon! We'll try and keep you updated, although I'm not sure if we'll be able to load pictures until we get home. Love to you all---think lots of happy thoughts for Jin. Us Cannons can be pretty scary sometimes. PS: Zander shaved off his beard so I think that'll help.

Mom-our e-mail to you bounced back. We re-sent it, but if you don't hear anything from us let me know here. xoxo, Julie

Monday, November 03, 2008

We're Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Wahoo! Korea called and Jin is ready to come home! We're ecstatic and I'm too excited to do anything but run around and flap my arms around.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Zander!

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie! You're going to be a Daddy soon!

Happy Halloween!

Being one of the Halloween's favorite icons, Boo was more excitable than ever last night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Golden Girl

Happy Golden Birthday to my organized, hard-working, huge-hearted sister, Sara!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Waiting...

Yeah, we're still waiting... Our Korea specialists think a call could come in on Friday, just a day before Zander's birthday. We're thinking it'll probably come the following week, but in spite of all that, this Halloween in my LAST DAY OF WORK. I love my job, and I pour A LOT into it, but it's time to get ready for Jin to get here! This was a busy weekend: running errands, getting the yard ready for winter, and spending one very luxurious night at the W hotel.

This entire website is occupying my brain right now... Especially the parts about attachment.

I'm hoping to spend a little time crafting this week. I like these headbands, and I think it could funk up my new haircut on days when I feel like a frump. I'd also like to get started on a top secret sewing project that needs to be done pronto.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jin Update

We still haven't gotten a travel call to go and pick up Jin, but we did get an update today! He's 22.5 lbs, has four teeth, and is 30 inches long.

Still Waiting...

Jin is still in Korea... I'm going a little (lot) crazy... I talked to our country specialist today and she told me there's no news yet. On the realistic side, the wait could go on for another month. I think it'll be much sooner than that, but the unknown is SO hard! I'm staying busy, and trying to do things that'll be difficult to do once Jin comes home, but it's hard to care about that stuff when I just want him with us. Maybe I should attempt Ric-Rac's selvage project to keep me busy...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Need a Good Solution!

This TV cabinet is perfect for hiding all of our TV crap. However, it isn't attractive. Anyone have some advice? The doors need to stay flat, so they'll stay open when the TV is on.

I like the idea of painting it and then putting umbrellas all over it. This one came from sprout studio.

I also like this color blocked look over on Design Sponge.

I also love the idea of stenciling our faces on the front... Maybe that's a bit over the top??? Picture from design sponge again.

My last idea would probably be the easiest, but I've never used these etsy decals before and I don't want them to peel off and look crappy.

Any other ideas or preferences?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I JUST talked to our Korea specialist on the phone, and she let me know that we'll be traveling to Korea as soon as 5 weeks from now, and as late as 9 weeks from now!
So the rush is on! I just finished a little blanket to send to Jin that has this flannel on one side. We've been sleeping with it, so hopefully it'll smell like us in a non-stinky kinda way. I'm also hoping to talk my mom into making a set of fitted crib sheets out of it.
I'm thinking this could make a cute little valance...
I've also got a sock monkey doll started for Jin. It's being made out of navy wool socks. Man, for someone that didn't want to have any sort of theme in a baby room, I'm sensing a little bit of a trend!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I remember when we'd have to traipse all over Harajuku just to find a toy store that sold Domokun stuff. I suppose I could try and stop liking him now because he's not nearly as obscure as he used to be, but naw... I still love him, and it thrills me to see him everywhere.

I'd love to make these cupcakes. How adorable!
You can even buy Domokun at Target now.

You could learn how to make this i-pod cozy.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jin's Quilt

Zander's mom, Betsy, made Jin the cutest little quilt. We can't wait to hang it up! In fact, we went and got a crib last night, to help us figure out where to hang it. I'll definitely put up some pictures when his room is a little closer to ready.
Here's Froggie Jin.
Here's Cowboy Jin.
And Sweetie Pie Jin.

I just picked up Jin's baby book. It is the only non-dorky baby book for adoptive families that I've found. It's so adorable that I'm putting off writing in it in fear of messing it up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Betsy!

We can't wait to help you blow out some candles!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Many of you have already heard our news: Today we filed the paperwork to adopt Jin! I've looked at him thousands of times already, and I just smile every time I see his little smile. I hope we'll get to go pick him up in Korea sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we'll see when we get the call. We're so excited and happy, and thankful and yes, even a little bit scared. He's been a precious, but kind of fuzzy thought for a long while now, and it's hard to describe how it feels to see his picture. Many, many happy tears have been shed around this house today. Well, I could go on and on, but I'll save more for another day. Thank you all for rooting for us, encouraging us, listening, lending your shoulders, and telling us again and again that we'll one day be great parents. We've held on to your every word!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Daddy

Zander just sent me this image from the comic convention in San Diego. Clearly this woman, whoever she is (Wonder Woman? Super Girl?) does not care so much that we know her exact identity, but her subtlety does not extend to the identity of the baby daddy. In fact, I think she looks all too eager to share the intimate details.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gardening Hat for those with Plus Sized Heads

Aha, the days of gardening in a hat that's too tight for my head are over. I used an Amy Butler pattern and some cute fabric from Crafty Planet. It whipped together in just a couple of hours. This big thing is not only great for wiping sweat/mud off my face BUT it also prevents the sun from leaving a tan line just above my upper lip.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, there's been slight progress with our adoption. ...Just a little bit too slight for my tastes. It's like watching paint peel off of an old dry board, trying to pick it off yourself, and then getting it stuck up underneath your fingernail where it really hurts. You can call me Pissy-Pissy-Two-By-Four. To yourself. Not to me. I'd take it personally. Then I'd wonder what I did to piss you off. But I might not ask, I'd just wonder. And stew a little bit. And then yell at the cat for being on the table. And then have that same cat wonder what kind of inconsistent parenting I'm planning on using with this baby we're so longing for when I usually only yell at him for being on the table when I'm irritated about something else.

Just so you know, this little guy cheers me up every time. Joey is my 2 1/2 year old nephew and he can be sweaty and crabby and sleepy, and he still makes me happy.

Oh yeah, and our niece Campbell's Hockey Moves, and Dancing on the Kitchen table routine are also a very strong cure for crankiness.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I love this print! You can buy it on Etsy. It also might be nice embroidered... Oh, and this is especially relevant because I CAN'T FIND MY PASSPORT ANYWHERE.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dark Knight

In anticipation of the Dark Knight preview, I made a Batman skirt from a thrift-store sheet and a little Ikea fabric. I used this fabulous book to make the pattern, and it was so easy. Five stars for a really useful book. Unfortunately, I thought I'd make it to sit lower on my hips instead of at the waist, and that just doesn't work with my body type, so it hangs a bit funny. I'm excited to try it again!

Got Some Time?

Watch this. Already seen it? Watch it again, that's how good it is. And while you're at it, why don't you do a little counting?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Imagine Cramming a Hat on this Big Head

Today I took Z's parents to the airport (I'll post pictures of our weekend later), spent about an hour on the phone with my sister, watered my wilted plants, ate some left-over chocolate peanuts, brought Boo over to play with our neighbor kid, and surfed the web. This my friends is what I call the glamorous life. Now I'm heading over to the thrift store to drop off the left-overs from our yard sale this weekend. I'm hoping to find a sun hat while I'm there that fits my over-sized melon. I'm tired of looking at my sweaty red band of forehead flesh that shows up every time I take off a hat.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

You might have seen this already, it has a cool story here.

Damn It

We're still #8 on the list. Could you all think some happy thoughts please?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July Weekend

In addition to having such a great time with everyone at the cottage in Wisconsin, we were lucky enough to have a real-life-professional-photographer in our midst. There are so many good pictures of the weekend. Thanks Ben!

This picture reminds me that life has been stressing me out lately and how good it feels to get out with good friends and laugh. Lots and lots.

I really like this shot because I think it brings out the natural athlete in me. And it is flattering besides.

Look how tough Z looks.

And here's Zander's BFF. His wife is a bit camera shy, but you can find pictures on her blog.

Monday, July 07, 2008

1. We had an amazing holiday weekend, and as soon as I can find my camera charger, I'll post some pictures.

2. I sold my first print on Etsy!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I love hollyhocks. The bugs nibble at them, their petals are ruffled and transparent, the birds land on them only to weigh them down and poop on their leaves, and despite the fact that they're an annual, they just keep coming back. A little bit fragile, a little bit hearty. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. Oh hollyhock, I can relate to you on so many levels.

Sorry for the crap picture, I'm not sure what happened and no amount of photoshopping is going to fix this one up. Anyway, here's some recent thrifty-action. I already have one good pitcher, but this one is so perfect I couldn't resist.
More thrifting here... This dress is organic silk IN MY SIZE for under $5. And yes, it will look oh so cute with a little something red and frilly sticking out from the hem.
Today, I'll be:
1. Thinking about what a sweet movie WALL-E was. It might be the best Pixar yet.
2. Picking up our third load of veggies from the CSA. Lots of lettuce so far.
3. Getting ready to head up to our friends' cabin for a few days. I'm so excited for a bit of reading on the dock, hiking, playing board games and swimming!
4. Fret about having to wear a swimming suit in front of these friends.
5. Check out a couple of things at the library.
6. Bake some bread from that 5 minute book.
7. Listening to Jason Mraz and The Weepies. Maybe a little bit of Sia thrown in there.
8. Running late for my noon appointment because I'm killing time on the web.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Perfect

This is just one example of the quality blogging that goes on around here. Zander hasn't seen this fine sample of my dabbling in the digital arts yet, but I have a feeling he'll think it's just perfect.
Just Perfect
Build your own Blingee

Friday, June 20, 2008


How many legs does an octopus have? Eight. How many maids a milking? Eight. How many days a week? Eight. (According to the Beatles) What number are we on THE LIST? As of this evening... Eight.

Summer is lovely when you live in Minnesota, but especially when you live in Minnesota and get summers off, and especially when you live in Minnesota, get the summers off, and love to dork around in the garden. These poppies are so ugly when they're not in bloom that when they are blooming, I take about a thousand pictures of them.

And here's some more of our funky honeysuckle vine that I thought was a trumpet vine.

Today I'm going to...

Go back to school (boo) and find some artwork that one of my students left behind and now wants to show off at his graduation party tomorrow. Cross your figures that I wasn't in a "pitch everything" mood the last time I ran across it.

Go pick up our first CSA veggies. I'm pretty excited about this, and can't wait to see what we get!

Go pick up some rocks with one of my girlfriends... Might sound boring to you, but I love this girlfriend, and I seriously really like picking out rocks for the yard. They'll each be about as big as a loaf of bread, maybe that makes them stones.

Find a clothesline that'll suck back into itself like a tape measure, so I can hang some wet laundry out on the deck.

Check the Korea forum approximately 100 times today and see if there are any referrals that will bring us further (farther?) down the list. We're still chillin' at #9. And chillin' really means not at all chilled out but instead slightly to moderately agitated at all times.

Monday, June 16, 2008

frilly under-things

I thrifted this slip about three years ago, and I love it so much because it transforms my somewhat boring teacher clothes into something that my inner saloon girl would wear. My sister-in-law always has a perfect bit of sparkle, and another friend wears v-neck t-shirts and adorable shorts too short for my stubbs. And they both rock that look. While my gardening overalls are so comfy, maybe I need to leave them in the garden more often. As I write this entry, I can just feel Eckhart Tolle reminding me (in his very soothing books-on-tape-voice) that clothes don't define me. Hello, duh, but still going to remember to get out my saloon slip a bit more often.

Big Bike Bec

My dear friend Rebecca is saying her final** goodbye to the MS ride, and any little donation helps the cause. It's easy to donate and to read about the why, how, what and who, just click here.

**I'd never actually come out and say that she's gone into retirement before, but final just sounds so final.