Thursday, June 07, 2007

Here are a few of the Proex shots being sent off to the orphanage in Colombia. I don't think the top one is too awfully bad, but the other two are the worst! Full body shots... Not since my senior pictures in high school.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just 2 more (half) days!

Just a little bit farther is all I have to go... The last two days are 1/2 days, and really, it'll be lots of grading/cleaning/and summer well-wishing. I'm pooped. Last night was graduation and I got awfully teary watching some of the dear ones start off on their way to big, big things.
About a month ago, I brought a picture of my Grandma to one of my painting students and commissioned an oil painting. She (Janet) delivered it this week, and I'm absolutely loving it. I keep thinking about the parts that she got exactly right... The way my Grandma's hair curls and the exact spot it touches her neck feel like such intimate details for such a young artist to capture. It's 18"x24", any great bargains out there for nice framing in the cities?