Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wowza. It's been quite a day! First hour one of my students came up and said, "Look at my hand." I need to preface this. Usually this type of statement means that the above mentioned student has learned some kind of trick to make their hand LOOK mangled. Like putting a bunch of glue on their hand and then sticking a pin through the glue... Unfortunately that was not the deal this morning. It was a clay needle tool and it went all the way through the "webbing" between his thumb and index finger. It didn't bleed because there was too much flesh. He went into shock. He went to the ER where they made sure it didn't splinter a bone or hit an artery. This needed to happen before they could remove the needle. Oh, and had he taken it out in class, it would have sprayed us all. I'm not going to get into how or why it happened, but needless to say, I'm planning where I'd like to stop and get a bloodymary tonight. Whew.

Last night we made it over to see Minnesota Pro-Wrestling at First Ave. Usually we have to drive all the way out to Maple Grove, but now at long last, we have some true culture in our very own downtown. What a blast! The next show is on November 30th, at 8pm. Put it on your calendars people!

In other news, I need to put up a picture of my newly sewn kimono shirt. It's really pretty cute, but might teeter on the edge of looking a bit pajama-ish. I'll wear it to the next CC meeting and get some opinions. I've also been experimenting with the quilting foot on my new machine. I cut up an old flannel shirt and a pair of sweats and cut them up into skinny, long strips. So now I've been quilting the flannel and sweats into a long and skinny scarf, leaving the edges unfinished. Not exactly high fashion, but a good experiment for me.

Alright folks, I just found out that my insurance will give me $20 off at the YMCA if I go 8 times a month. I'm going there right now to check out their class schedule and see if there are a plethora of classes that will be uber convenient AND so interesting that I'll be eternally enticed into working out all the time.


Messica said...

julie, i am so all over your blog today for so many reasons!

1) AAAAGH that's crazy about the kid. and I can't believe you said you were deciding where to get a 'bloodymary" after work. that is exceeeeeedingly gross. have a margarita, dude.

2) There was a post about pro wrestling on my blog about a month ago and nobody wanted to go with me!!! Die and go to hell, everyone!!!! I just got up and put that shit on my calendar. I CAN'T WAIT!!! And i'm dying to go to a demolition derby, if you know of any?!

3) show us the money I MEAN the scarf and kimono on sunday.

4) DUDE!!!!!! we could be Y buddies sometimes! I was just thinking that it's too bad my insurance doesn't cover the $20 b/c i'm so way over the 8 visit minimum. Any chance you'd come to the downtown or uptown ones ever, or is there one up north I don't know about? In any case, that is so exciting for a HUGE Y NERD like myself. I can give you moral support. I don't think anyone else wants to hear about the Y anymore anyway. Adam asked me not to get "gross toned girl arms." Maybe my imaginary fiancee is feeling threatened?!

i have way too much energy today. i think it's lunchtime at the Y actually. i will stop my verbal diarreah on your blog. NOW!

Ugly Juice said...

Dude, that needle business is freaky!!

Yes! Wear the new Kimono top on Sunday!!!