Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jin's Quilt

Zander's mom, Betsy, made Jin the cutest little quilt. We can't wait to hang it up! In fact, we went and got a crib last night, to help us figure out where to hang it. I'll definitely put up some pictures when his room is a little closer to ready.
Here's Froggie Jin.
Here's Cowboy Jin.
And Sweetie Pie Jin.

I just picked up Jin's baby book. It is the only non-dorky baby book for adoptive families that I've found. It's so adorable that I'm putting off writing in it in fear of messing it up!


Ugly Juice said...

What an amazingly adorable quilt! Bravo for Betsy!

Cheryl said...

Betsy- I hope you read the comments because I've wanted to tell you that the quilt is the most adorable and emotion emitting quilt I've ever seen!! You are awesome! Cheryl

JoLynn Garnes said...

Congrats Julie! What a little cutie he is! I'm so happy for you.

LA said...

Super cute for a super cutie!!!

Does this mean you all decided on a name for sure for the little guy?

Brandy said...

That is frickin' adorable! What a lovely gift.