Thursday, February 26, 2009


Unfortunately I'm really inadequate when it comes to keeping important papers for more than a few hours at a time. I guess this lackage could extend to things like my cell phone and my car keys, and my favorite underwear. I'm not-so-secretly-jealous of you people out there that always have it all together. Ahem. (Becca, I'm talking to you:)) So when Oprah is running a 20% off coupon at the Container store, I make the trip out to Edina and pretend that I belong in a store like that. Never mind that I have to ask the clerk if I can have the discount without the coupon because mine is somewhere, but not in my pocket where I thought it was. As of this afternoon, my bills, transcripts, health insurance info and lots, lots more are all placed neatly in their properly labeled and color coded file in this lovely filing system. I feel good, and a little smug. I'll never have pieces of mail all over the house again. I won't have to hide my piles when people come over. Jin's adoption will be finalized in a court of law and I'll have a file filled with all the documents that'll prove it. I'm cured. Forever.


Dr Em said...

I f'love the container store. We went there a couple weeks ago and it was like a natural high for me.

The Mahoneys said...

You can get rid of your not-so-secret jealousy of my's quickly disappearing, and soon I'll be calling you up to jump on your Container store organization system. But, thanks for the shout out anyway. Kisses, B

Anonymous said...

This is Sara Schneidewind, Becca's friend. I hope you don't mind but I check your blog occasionally through the link on Becca's blog...just because it is amusing and Jin is so cute.
I promise I am not a crazy stalker.
I read this about Becca and organization... I too am a little jealous of her organization, but just had to share my favorite story of Becca's LACK of organization.
A few years ago Becca was driving to work and I was talking to her on the phone and I heard all this shuffling and rustling around then heard lots of grumbling and a little swearing. I asked what was wrong and she said "arghhh.. I am so annoyed... I have to go back home... I can't believe I forgot my cell phone today" Me: "umm, Becca.... you are talking to me on it." Silence... pause... Becca, "oh, oops"
So next time you are feeling bad about losing your cell phone find comfort in the fact that you are not talking on your missing cell phone.