Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jin's Jokes

Jin's jokes are happening more and more often now, and my favorite part of his routine is how he just cracks himself up. Today he a found a spoon on the floor and I told him to give his baby some "bites". At first he aimed the spoon right for the baby's mouth, but then he put the spoon in the baby's eye, looked at me and then cracked up. Morbid, huh? This was all repeated with his tigers, his bunnies, Domokun, and Grover.

Oh yeah, he also loves to find his belly button.

***Also, someone from Korea checks this journal almost everyday. I believe and hope it might be Jin's foster parents. It would make me so happy to know who it is that's checking. If you are in Korea, and read this journal, I would be so grateful if you could send me a message.***


dan. jung said...


I'm Jinseo's forster sister.

As your think you see a journal of my family everyone is right.
Happy birthday of Jinseo mail was sent was a mistake to give up contact was so reply.

I can not speak English well.

So I say to hard to pass.

You saw in the journal of Jinseo seems really happy.

We are still in love with Jinseo.

Julie said...

Thank you for sending this message! I'm very grateful for all of the love you have given to Jin. He is precious to us in every way. I hope that he will someday meet you again! Until then, I would like to stay in touch. My email address is Please write to me anytime and I will send you more pictures and stories about Jin. Thanks again for your message.