Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy 2 months later!

Here's Jin begging bubbles off of strangers at my friend Rebecca's wedding recently. It was a beautiful wedding. Zander and I gulped big glasses of wine and chased Jin while he swiped at the pretty ladies with his fingers covered in frosting.
Here was our official day in court. The judge was very sweet and took extra time with us for pictures. I cried throughout the hearing. My dress was $12 (!) at Hunt and Gather. Jin's bowtie is from VV's and it was approximately $.89. I usually don't really put much thought into what Jin is wearing, but oh my... I think he looks so cute wearing a bowtie.
Zander is off to Comic Con for the week and Jin keeps saying "Da-Da" over again and again. He's confused so we're processing, which by the way is one of my favorite activities. Usually I like to do this with people closer to my own age, but this is fun too. I'm trying to view this as special time alone with Jin instead of freaking out about when I'll be able to take a shower or sleep without Zander here. Tonight we ate our dinner on a towel in the front yard.
Random stuff:
I've been doing Weight Watchers lately. I've gained a little weight and lost any ability to close my mouth when there is food nearby. I know this program is really effective for many people, but I think it makes me eat like CRAP! I mean, sure I'll eat an individual sized processed ice cream treat sweetened with junk for 2 points. Scratch that mister, I'll have two of those. Then I'll wash it down with some chemicals that are calorie free. No thanks, I don't need any cheese, I'll just sprinkle some cheese flavored popcorn dust on my hand and lick it off. Again and again. Zero points. I have lots of friends that swear by this program, but it brings out the junkie in me. Maybe I need to be thinking more along these lines and enjoy more, but we'll see.
Lately I've enjoyed looking here,here, and I always look here.

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Janet said...

Love the new pictures, especially the one with Jin wearing that bowtie. Wow...that is very high on the cute meter! Congrats on Jin's finalization...big day in court. Wonderful!