Monday, October 19, 2009

Anyone Have a Couple Extra Hours in the Day?

I used to be kinda crafty. I used to go to yoga regularly. Now I watch Netflix in a tired fog, while I snooze and feel guilty about all the other cool things I could be doing. This has got to stop. Making things always makes me feel good, so I'm going to try to sneak in a quick project here and there to see if that leads to bigger things... Here are a few I might try out. Soon.

You could buy this one here on etsy.

You could buy something like this here, also on etsy.
Man oh man, I also think Jin needs me to make him one of these. He LOVES to help me in the kitchen and he played with the cutie one at Creative Kids Stuff for about an hour before they asked us to stop licking theirs if we weren't willing to shell out nine zillion dollars.


Jennifer said...

Hi Julie!! The necklaces are great!!! I just found this little kitchen and thought of you.
How can we inject more time into the day?????
I want to make one for Finn, he loves the kitchen at ECFE.
Jennifer Huffman

Anonymous said...

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