Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Schools on and that means slacker blogging for me. Sorry folks. Things here are good. Much better than I psyched myself out for ALL SUMMER LONG. My students are fun. I was afraid that I'd forgotten how to interact with the older ones that are too cool for school, but it's a lot like that old saying about riding a bike. It all works out. So far, I have a few intense girls in my classes that absolutely want being an art student to define them. I could just eat them up. Another bonus from the day: a sort of stern looking woman asked me what I was doing out in the hall and where is my pass for that matter?!

Things on the homefront are a bit sloppy now that we're both working extra hours... Especially because we just painted the bedroom and the hallway and had to take everything down to do it. I love how everthing turned out, but now I don't like how the blue bathroom looks next to the pink hallway. It looks like we just need some little wooden geese with plaid ribbons around their necks and we'll be all set for 1995. Speaking of home, we're on the lookout for a friend for Boo. We've been feeding a stray and just waiting to get her to the Vet. But before I knew it was bad to let Boo play with any old mangy cat off the street, they had an afternoon in the sun together. They tried to bite each other's face off. We named her Suzie GraySkull. Our neighbor boys want her and Boo is boo-hooing all over town. Anyone know of any social young-adult cats or kittens out there? I know we can go to the humane society, but I'd like to put the word out first.


LA said...

I LOVE that woman for asking you for your hall pass. I want someone to ask ME for my hall pass, I am jealous!!

Can't wait to see your new painted rooms, especially the awesome green in the bedroom. That's one swank color. Have you guys ever considered turquoise for the bathroom?

Betsy said...

Can't you send pics of the newly painted rooms so that we can form our own opinions? Also--I sent you the book that goes with your sewing machine (finally!) now that you don't have time to read it!

emily said...

have you checked out

Zander Cannon said...

Perhaps we should sign Boo up for "It's Just Dry Food!"

No pressure, just busy single cats getting together.

Oh, and LA-- outrageously pregnant highschoolers are still the exception rather than the rule, but don't give up!

LA said...

Do you think pigtails would help my cause? Awww..shucks.