Saturday, September 24, 2005

Two Things

1. Bomb threat at school yesterday. At 10:30 we went into lockdown. Locked our classroom doors, turned off the lights, and hid in a corner. Waited for the OK, and then "hustled" 1,600+ students out of the building and onto busses. Busses that took us to a safe parking lot where we all sat for 2 hours until the police dogs were sure that it was a false alarm. Best quote of the day, "I bet a f---ing freshman did this."

2. Just as I was about to take a shower, 10 minutes ago, a woman started knocking on our back door. Before I asked her (through the closed door) what she wanted, I saw that she was counting out a huge wad of cash. Hey, usually people at the door are asking us for money! I'm not sure what it was about me, but she immediately knew that I wasn't the chick she was supposed to give her money to. I asked her if she was lost, and she just needed our same address, but on Lyndale. Maybe I should go introduce myself and find out if they sell Tupperware, or something.

PS: Last night was wonderfully spent, huddled up with friends sitting around our fire pit drinking wine. I feel cozy today just thinking about it.

PPS: Way to go Ugly!


LA said...

Bomb threats RULED when I was in HS, but I now understand that they were probably not the most awesome thing in the world for the teachers who had to keep track of the students. There was always one kid in my school who called them in. The story was, if some one paid him (money, beer ect.) he would call it in.
Next time, please direct that woman with the huge wad of cash over to our house. We have bags of cat poo that she is welcome to buy and smoke.

Rebecca said...

I wonder if I called in a bomb threat if I could go home and sleep then.. Although I am practically sleeping at my computer right now, so now big woop.

Messica said...

hey J, it's a week after your last post.i hope you're still not hung over and tired from the late night on tuesday??
can't wait for craft night.

Julie said...

Wednesday's mini hang over was well worth it!

Anonymous said...

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