Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting to school by 7am and getting enough sleep to make somewhat rational decisions while I'm here is proving to be a challenge. So I've been coping by making very few plans after work during the week and then cramming in every ounce of fun on the weekend. Monday morning? Sucks. Must create new system. We definitely need more weekend chill time. Next weekend there's Jethro Tull and virtually nothing else. I'm going to sleep in late and then read in bed. Oh, and drink coffee.

I'm stuggling putting together a witty and meaningful entry today. So here's some randomness:

1. Does anyone have the new Fiona Apple CD? Is it good?
2. I've got to get new paint brushes for my art room and I'm just cruising through my budget, so I've collected Michael's coupons from my students. I know that it's one coupon per transaction/per day, but do you think they'll really mind if I go through the line 11 times?
3. This weekend, Zander bought speaker guts from AxMan for 12 bucks and fixed our broken ones. So much better than throwing them away and buying new ones like Best Buy suggested! Besides, I use them for plant stands too.
4. My grandma gave me a large collection of vintage matching earring and necklace sets last weekend. They're absolutely adorable (she wore most of them to go square dancing) and special because they're from her. The clip-ons only bug me once or twice and day, and at that point I feel like smacking things with a baseball bat. Luckily the feeling passes quickly.
5. The students are super wired today. The Sadie Hawkins dance is this Friday and I can almost smell all of the hormones in the air. I even saw two students dry humping on a locker before school this morning. Barf city.
6. I want to make baked acorn squash for dinner this week with a scoop of something good inside. Any ideas on what would be good inside AND if I'd cook them together or separate?
7. Snow already? Please no.
8. I'm looking for a huge mirror to hang on the wall in the basement. Yes, so that I'll be able to watch myself practice my bad-ass belly dance moves. Instead of just imagining how stupid I look.
9. I love Method cleaning supplies. I especially love the one that kind of smells like almonds and is for wood. Oh yeah, and the grapefruit kitchen cleaner... ahh, so nice.
10. I've got to hem two pairs of pants this week. I'm so crappy at it. I really wish I could find a good sewing class that would cover basic alterations.


emily said...

i love that method wood cleaner too!

my mom makes acorn squash with butter and brown sugar inside. it is sooooooooo good and simple. you just bake it and then put the butter and brown sugar in for the last 10-15 minutes or so.

i have a huge mirror in my basement. it's totally yours! maybe i can deliver it to you tomorrow if our cupcake plans are not canceled by snow.

by the way, i am excited for snow. i got the cutest hat, glove and scarf set at H&M and i can't wait to wear it!! it's green and it has rhinestones. love it.

LA said...

Fiona Apple: Heard a good portion of it online about a month ago. Was good, but damn if Ms. Apple isn't a sour one. Saw her live on Leno and she acted like a miserable brat of a teenager. She sure can sing and play the old piano.

Dry humping teenagers: Gross.

Side for squash soup: Grilled tempeh? Mmmm....deeelicious.

Snow already: Only if it stays around until spring so we don't have to rake our leaves.

I love it that you are belly dancing!

Method wood cleaner: Ahh...I love it as well until it left streaks all over our dining room table that had required a great deal of elbow grease to remove only to leave white streaks that still haven't come out. BUT in Methods defense, it is a wood veener table, so maybe that had something to do w/ it?

Uglyjuice said that she was going to hold a basics of sewing class at her house this Dec. I am going to learn how to sew a straight line so I can hem our bedroom curtians. Maybe she will also be teaching the basics of alterations?

emily said...

another great squash dish that makes it a meal - bake it and then put rice and beans inside. especially good is rice, soybeans and some peppers and onions. also good, rice, kale and a little cheese. i make squash soup all the time and i garnish with different things. spicy chicken sausage is a nice garnish, so is feta cheese. i LOVE squash. this time of year, we eat at at least once a week. i might have to start a side blog called "squash."

i forgot to mention in my other post, that i get my pants altered (lengthened) for $5 at a tailor. i'm sure i could figure it out but lengthening is a little trickier because sometimes they have to add a piece of fabric on the inside.

Ugly Juice said...


I saw that little Yoda, too. Was it on Craftster? I can't remember. So dang cute.

Squash: My 4-ingredient-recipes book has a squash w/rice dish...I don't remember offhand what the other two ingredients are (I've never made it) but it always looks good.

Alterations: Yes, I'm hosting a sewing basics class, but I can't claim to know too much about alterations. There is a tailor close to us, though, at Penn & 44th. Maybe try them out? I hate hemming pants. I usually just wear shoes that are an appropriate height for whatever pants I've got...

Betsy said...

#6 You can bake acorn squash in the microwave for only microminutes compared to cooking it in the overn. Cut it in half, clean out the seeds, poke a few holes, put it on a plate, cut side down and cook on high for 8 minutes? That is probably about right. You could put butter and sugar (or whatever) in for the last minute or so.
#10 About hemming. You have one of the world's best hemmers in your own family, and she will coach you at Xmas so that you can teach all your friends. No more masking tape! You will be so good that you will be offering workshops. Also, bring all your "need to be hemmed pants" and we will do them all.

And the Yoda hat is too cute for words.

Julie 2 said...

Hi, Jules-

You're getting all sorts of great ideas on that squash question (and I'm going to nab Emily's squash-as-meal tip, for sure)...

Here's my acorn squash 'filler' recommendation: a mild coconut curry (2 ingredients: a medium-sized can of coconut milk and a tsp. of Thai Kitchen brand red curry paste...nuked for 60 seconds and blended with a fork). After you bake the little guys, turn the halves cut side up, pour in the prepped coconut curry, then bake for another 5 minutes. Salt/pepper to taste.

You can turn this same set of ingredients into a soup by simmering 1" squash cubes (butternut is good) in water or broth (to cover) until it can be mashed with a fork, adding a scoop (1/4 cup?) of peanut butter, the can of coconut milk and a tsp or more of curry paste, tossing the whole thing in the blender until smooth, and back into the pot until nice and's a good one, and a good base for adding complexity with other spices, flavors, etc.

Curries aside, the aforementioned brown sugar/butter prep is a delicious classic, too. Mmm, good!

Anonymous said...

Julie-As far as hemming goes-you have your former 4-H days for basics -and what am I- chopped liver?!! xxoomom

Julie said...

Dear Anonymous,

You're definitely NOT chopped liver. You were a GREAT teacher. I know how to do it, I'm just crappy at it.

Ugly Juice said...

Mom war! FIGHT! FIGHT! Let's have a hem-off!

Shad said...

Fiona Apple is on the server down here if you want to give it a listen.