Thursday, December 22, 2005

I got tagged by the Juice to tell all ya'll five interesting things about me. Hmmm. I feel like it's all so obvious, but here goes.

1. In college, I started out as a classical music major. Since then, I've totally given it up (except the not-so-ocassional-karaoke) and would love to take voice lessons again. Oh, and maybe learn how to play the guitar.
2. When I was a kid I'd start to have flying dreams, but it'd always turn into the devil making me levitate instead. Last night was the first time that I could actually fly in my dreams, and it was so flippin' awesome. Yep, the conservative Christian upbringing scared me to pieces. Our children will have to ask their friends what a devil is.
3. I love taking classes, but I also really love discovering things on my own. I want to take oil painting and continue belly dancing this January. I also really love the time of day (4ish right now) when there are really long, purple shadows, and everything else seems golden.
4. I'm most likely to swear when I'm happy and cry when I'm angry.
5. This last one is a tease, but I've got a secret. Don't even try and guess what it is, because I'm not telling.

Bonus Track: Oh, and in the summer my challenge is to get to where I need to go, but only go through the alleys to get there. It's not just my OCD coming to the surface, it's the best way to get the best junk.
Extra Special Bonus Track: You can find some of life's sweetest poetry in Patty's music.

Now, I'm tagging:

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emily said...

i LOVE this time of day too! especially in the winter when the shadows are purple.

Anonymous said...

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