Thursday, December 01, 2005

Right now I'm stuck in my room with about a million students cramming to finish a painting that's due tomorrow. Panic is finally settling into their cold little hearts. Mmwaah, haa, whaa. I really can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday, although I can't say that it upsets me much. Especially because I can FINALLY get my hair cut on Saturday. Melissa, if you're reading this, you're impossible to get an appointment with. Especially on my one-two day's notice.

Zander and I were supposed to be heading down to Nebraska this weekend for the family Christmas party. We're just not going to make it. There are all kinds of reasons why not, the least of which is just that I'm a big old winter riding/driving baby. Luckily we got to see my Grandma a lot in the last couple of weeks, so I don't feel quite as bad about it. So, since we're staying in town, I am super-excited for the craft and mcad sales coming up... Especially since I've done zero, zilch, nada, and nunka Christmas shopping.

Alright, the kids are outta here and so am I! Have a good end of the week!

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emily said...

i think i might have told you this the last time you got your hair cut. everytime i get my haircut i schedule the appointment for my next haircut in 2-3 months. otherwise, i'd go for like 6 months without a haircut, not a flattering look for me.