Monday, July 03, 2006

Are Garden Pictures as Annoying as Cute Cat Pictures?

I love July. I still have lots of summer vacation left, it's hot outside, it's cool inside, and simple things like watermelon taste really, really good. Oh, and the sunflowers are finally blooming. Most of ours this year come from a bird feeder and a bunch of sloppy eaters. The birds keep dropping their food (or poop, gasp) and I keep transplanting the sunflowers that pop up (in the middle of the tomato area) into a better spot.

I think this hollyhock came from the same bird feed mix!

Last year this wheelbarrow was practically free from an estate sale. Of course the bottom is rusting out, but I keep telling myself that just makes for better drainage anyway. My mom, who is a brilliant gardener, gave me a bunch of her plants that she germinated over the winter. I couldn't remember what any of it was, so I just plopped them all in the dirt and hoped for the best. This arrangement cracks me up. I think it looks kinda nice, but seriously, who's the dork that mixed the big bunch of cucumbers in there?

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LA said...

Flower pics rule. They are nice to go back to and look at in Feb. Those sunflowers are going to looks superduper. Steve and I chose what we thought were going to be massive sunflowers...and then we read the tag that said max height 15". Better luck next year for us, I guess.