Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm home for just a second before I head back to school for "back to school night". Just the parents come to this one and I'm a smidge less than excited. Not that I don't just love to meet 'n' greet, I'm just ready for a little down time. Zander's parents were in town this weekend, and geez, they kept us hopping. In a good way. We had a great time at Jeanne's show, going out to eat, watching Shawn of the Dead on the deck, shopping, and of course, getting a few house projects done. After this weekend, our around the house to-do list has shrunken by about a mile.

Now that this little gal has been sent off to her new home, I can show my newest monkey.


Anonymous said...

She's adorable-I love her dress!!We had good food and fun Sat. nite. Were the brownies a new recipe? YUM!

E's folks said...

That monkey is sooooo cute. The jaunty hat is a nice touch - she kind of looks ready to square dance!

Campbell Mahoney said...

I love my new Bowling Cowgirl monkey!! She is the best...I have already spent the night with her in my crib...and I slept for a 4-hour stretch. My mom hopes she might be the sleep-inducing Bowling Cowgirl sock monkey!