Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday sweet Hubby. You are exactly what I never knew I wanted, but have all along. Thank you in advance for not killing me. Re: Posting this picture.

I've got a solid colored canvas-like couch and chair that could really benefit from a little running stitch. I've been thinking about it ever since I saw it at Design Sponge in August.

I love the mis-matchedness of this! (Via Lena) Sometimes I can get a little matchy-matchy. I might need to start my non-matching fabric finding mission this weekend.
This quote of the day (which really, for me should be a line to live by) comes from my Lego loving, football playing, student II Joe. "Whoa dude, whoa."


Jocelyn said...

Your post starts out with perfect-matchy (you and Zander) and ends with mis-matchy, which is somehow just as good. I love the pillows and art in that photo!

LA said...

Happy birthday to Zander!

Rocco said...

Thanks for posting that picture of Zander. It is precious. He is such cute lil Zandypants, isn't he?