Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are you all doing your let-it-snow-lots-and-lots-so-school-or-work-gets-cancelled-dance? I'm bargaining with fate already. If I make it through this stop light, we'll have a snow day. If someone says f*** in the hallway in the next couple of minutes, we'll have a snow day. If I don't eat any junk food today, we'll have a snow day. So far, I'm winning.

I wish I had some cool pictures to post today. I'm taking a quilting class with my friend Rebecca, so maybe I'll take some pictures of our quilts this weekend. The class is at Crafty Planet, which is also called Crafty Ways of Getting All of Julie's Spending Money. I really do love that place. I wondered if I was crossing a boundary during the last class when I asked if it was alright for me to bring wine to the next class. I'm making a quilt for our baby. It feels wonderful to not worry about planning too much because I might "jinx" it. We just need to worry about finishing the paperwork, at right now we're just barely crawling through it. It's so hard because it's filled with questions that we haven't even thought of yet! Who gets your baby if you unexpectedly die? Exactly how will you work out day care? Tell us all about your childhood...

This is probably a boring thing to write about, but I just rediscovered the public library. I love it. It feels like I'm stealing books and then bringing them back when I don't need them anymore. Here's what I've got checked out:
A love like no other : stories from adoptive parents
/ edited by Pamela Kruger and Jill Smolowe.
By the way, I hate the title of this book. It feels so gushy and superior.
Traveling mercies: some thoughts on faith/ / Anne Lamott.
I'm not religious, but a friend mentioned that she Loves Anne Lamott and it peaked my interest. I did really like Crooked Little Heart and liked the one that was something about a Blue Shoe. It was slightly churchy though.
All new people : a novel / by Anne Lamott.
Simply pottery : a practical course in basic pottery techniques / Sara Pearch ; with text by Geraldi
Fodor's France. Have I mentioned that we're going to Provence in July? I'm incredibly excited.
Fodor's Paris.
Sew vintage : new creations from found fabrics / Jennie Archer Atwood
This is the worst sewing book ever. Boring and ugly. Barf.
Gee's Bend : the architecture of the quilt / contributions by William Arnett
This book, however, makes we quiver.

Well, today is the last day of February. Can you guess where I'm going tomorrow? Target. I haven't even looked at their Sunday circulars, much less set foot in the stores. I'm very excited to stop at our local Super Target tomorrow. (Lame, I know) March's challenge: No sugar whatsoever. Youch.


Beth said...

I'm so excited for you guys. I can't wait to see pictures of the quilt you are making. The one you made for my Emily is still a treasure in this house. Seeing it again yesterday as I packed up the linen closet brought happy tears to my eyes. We are moving at the end of the month. I'll talk to you later and tell you about that.

The questions they are having you answer... it's so smart to have you think about it now, get things figured out. People can give birth and never have to plan out those really important things (like who does take care of your kids if you die).

You got me going on this whole 30 day challenge idea. I went easy for February...make sure I got my 5 fruits and veggies each day. Thought I was good at it, turns out I wasn't as good as I thought. For March: not high frucose corn syrup. Did you know it is in ketchup? mayo? worchershire sauce? Most bread? Organic things don't have it though, and the Target Archer Farm Brand is pretty good for the most part at not having it. Thanks for turning me on to this. Gals at work are starting their own 30 day challenges as of today too =)

Love ya, talk to you later.

emily said...

giving up sugar when easter candy is available? that's INSANE!

i love anne lamott too. hilarious. my friend missy#1 used to read it to me out loud. good times.

my sister asked us to be art's gaurdian. it's such an honor!

Betsy said...

Is it too late to remind you that they have PEEPS at Target???? No sugar in March? What are you thinking, girl?

LA said...

You and your "make more snow" mojo got me over an hour of roof raking/shoveling! I hope you are happy with your 4 day weekend.

Post pictures of your quilt, please!!!

I love the 30 day challenge thing, but for real...Easter candy...Cadbury solid chocolate mini-eggs. I'll give up fish for Lent. Is that 30 days? Whatever. No fish for me, pass the chocolate mini-eggs!

Julie said...

Oh man, you people are tough! I spent a whole week trying to decide when it would be worse to not have sugar. Before Easter or on Easter? I was afraid that if I didn't have my freckled little malted milk eggs ON Easter, I might throw a fit. Now I'm doubting myself. I wonder if it's too late to change the challenge to eating a 1/2 grapefruit everyday in March? Is that even a challenge?

Jocelyn said...

I guess I can tell you now, coming to you as I do from the future, that you WILL get a couple of snow days.

And I'm so excited for you and the whole oft-exasperating adoption process. Listen, Allegra's almost 7, and we're still working on that "who will get the children if you die" question. I guess this is really my way of asking if you and Zander will take them, in that unlikely event.

Oh, and that Anne Lamott. She does it for me, but only her non-fiction. I've trudged through some of her novels, but no fun.