Thursday, February 15, 2007

I call this painting "Scary Bonnet Girl". I picked it up at the northeast Unique Thrift store for under $2. You're thinking I was robbed, aren't you? I purchased it for the glamorous frame, but I'm starting to like the scary little girl. It's like I want to get to know her. She's so cute, and yet she looks like she could turn on you at any moment. Maybe she has fangs beneath that closed mouth grin. And why is she wearing those black little things on her wrists? My dark side assumes that she's a cutter. Zander thinks it's a tribute to those who have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. IF, and that's a big IF, we get rid of the picture (and keep the frame) who would like to be the first to claim it as their very own?


LA said...

Black gloves = emo.
Emo = cutter.

Put her somewhere scary. She'll love it!

Jocelyn said...

Um, I don't think she would, er, fit in a box that could get mailed to Duluth.

The poofy hat deal is scary, too. She's like a Victorian Bad Seed.

Ed Kohler said...

I think she's actually Britney-bald under that hat and wig.