Friday, April 20, 2007

Here's a quickie little post, just to stay in touch during this ultra-freaking busy time of year! Prom is tomorrow night. I made 25 gallons of punch this afternoon. My glasses will never be the same after falling into one of my mixing buckets. Along those same lines, the punch might also never by quite the same again. With my grubby hands digging around in there, trying to find my glasses. In my hot and hurried frustration, my only coping skill was to eat the tops off of three of the pumpkins bars that my mom made for the prom chaperones. Sorry Mom, I couldn't help it. There are plenty of snacks left over for them. Anyway, tonight we're seeing Hot Fuzz and I'm quite excited because Shaun of the Dead was so awesome. I'm also excited because I'm on people-overload due to all the drama that surrounds a high-school prom, and I need to do some quiet fantasy land re-charging before tomorrow. Oh yeah, I'm taking Monday off. I can't wait. I'll make sure and post some pictures of the big day real soon.

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Ed Kohler said...

I feel sorrier for your glasses than the punch. Poor things.

Good luck at prom.