Sunday, April 15, 2007


On this beautifully sunny day, I've been inside, drinking coffee, and updating my links page. I'm heading outside in 5 short minutes, but thought I'd tell you to check out da links. I'm planning on adding some more in the next week or so. Kind of speaking of links, I've been listening to the podcasts for Fresh Air and This American Life while I'm running. Any other regular podcasts I should be checking out? ALSO, I keep hearing how many amazing audio files can be checked out/downloaded on-line from the Minneapolis Public Library. But their website says those files aren't compatible with i-pods. Anyone got a way around this quandary?


Jocelyn said...

I've never touched an i-pod so can't help you there.

And, well, "This American Life" and Terry Gross would be my top two i-pod choices, so again, I'm no help.

All of this is to say, um, well, hi.

Betsy said...

Check out podcasts about crafters.

Jan said...

Hi Julie--

I've had some luck downloading a CD to my computer and then onto the iPod. My library also has downloadable books, but not to macs. Dumb!!!

Good luck with making this work. There shouldn't be such audio discrimination!!!

Cheers, Auntie Jan (Cannon)