Sunday, October 21, 2007

Geez, just call me blog-slacker. I don't even have something in mind that I want to write about tonight, I just wanted to get something written, and then hopefully I'll feel more inspired to write throughout the week. I had Thursday and Friday off for MEA weekend, and it just flew by. I spent some quality time at the fabric store. I want to make some bibs and I need velcro for the closure. I made this one out of an old orange towel for the back and then the front panel off of a denim skirt that I don't wear any more. I've only made one and it's big enough for me to wear, but cute. I wish this bib-making was my secret code for a very quick adoption about to occur. I think it's going to take a while, so our babe might just have about a thousand bibs when the time comes. On Thursday night we took my mom and step-dad over to see the Soapfactory's Haunted Basement. I might just be a big fat baby, but I thought it was super freaking scary. Go. I dare you. In other news, I rode my little scooter over to Open Book to show support for who I affectionately call the freaks that like to stay up all night and draw comics. They amaze me. I just couldn't do it. I would have a melt down in front of all those people because I need and love sleep. On the way home I stopped into Surdyk's for a couple of bottles of wine, and had to fight my way through the crowd. I forgot they were having a sale, so I was a little bummed to spend that much time and only be able to take what I could hold on the scooter. I wonder if the sale is over now? The last little tidbit I've got is about microwave popcorn. Recognize us?

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