Monday, October 22, 2007

Here was my stab at one of the Built by Wendy dresses. I LOVE the fabric, but HATE how I look in this shift-like dress. Maybe it'll work if I take in the sleeve at the elbow. But maybe, shapeless dresses just won't look good on my almost 5'2 and somewhat curvy frame. SHITBALLS. This cool Polaroid montage is done using the Hockneyizer.

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LA said...

I admire your craftiness. What about sticking a tie in the back to give it some shape? What about getting one of those jumbo belt/corset thingies that are all the rage now? That would chinch it. The dress seems too cute to be doomed to be a housedress.
I must also say that I admire the framed needlepoint stag in the clouds behind you. He's stagariffic.