Sunday, March 23, 2008

Frida Vans

Z had these painted for my birthday. I absolutely love, love, love them, in the kind of way that makes me not want to wear them, but instead cherish them safely in a box. I broke down and wore them out today, stepping carefully around puddles and other such harm. It's a longish story, but I've got a really-almost-exactly-the-same-extra-pair in a men's size 6 (women's 8?) that are up for grabs, too. If you know someone that might be interested send them my way, I'd be up for making a super deal. Matt Kriske is the talented young artist and he's done a bunch of other pairs too. The x-files pair is lovely and he takes commissions.


Betsy said...

omigod, Julie. They are fabulous. You shouldn't have trouble passing the too big ones along. It makes me happy just to think of you wearing them!!!

LA said...