Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Gratitude

1. a very sweet and long-overdue phone conversation that banked in at just under two hours.
2. sleeping in every single morning of this three day weekend.
3. having the scooter all fixed up and cruising around town.
4. a big bunch of strawberries all cut up and calling to me from the fridge.
5. cutting out weekday coffee and really, really enjoying it on the weekend.
6. signing up for a CSA for the summer.
7. lots of down time with my sweetie pie.
8. tearing up our yard and re-dreaming what it'll look like.
9. sleeping with the windows open.
10. not doing one little bit of the cleaning I should have done.
11. lots of reading.
12. catching up on all my internet reading, too.
13. catching up with friends bearing bananas.
14. coughing out more phlegm that I knew could possibly exist. (Strangely satisfying)
15. lilacs blooming by the garage and covering up kitty litter smells from our garbage cans.
16. not thinking one little bit about going back to work until this very second.

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