Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, there's been slight progress with our adoption. ...Just a little bit too slight for my tastes. It's like watching paint peel off of an old dry board, trying to pick it off yourself, and then getting it stuck up underneath your fingernail where it really hurts. You can call me Pissy-Pissy-Two-By-Four. To yourself. Not to me. I'd take it personally. Then I'd wonder what I did to piss you off. But I might not ask, I'd just wonder. And stew a little bit. And then yell at the cat for being on the table. And then have that same cat wonder what kind of inconsistent parenting I'm planning on using with this baby we're so longing for when I usually only yell at him for being on the table when I'm irritated about something else.

Just so you know, this little guy cheers me up every time. Joey is my 2 1/2 year old nephew and he can be sweaty and crabby and sleepy, and he still makes me happy.

Oh yeah, and our niece Campbell's Hockey Moves, and Dancing on the Kitchen table routine are also a very strong cure for crankiness.


Jocelyn said...

I have every single one of my digits crossed, including my big hammer toes.

So, um, hi. I'm out here, reading you.

LA said...

One more down!! Every number crossed off makes me get a little bit giddy for you guys.

Joey looks like he's diggn' ComoTown. He's cruisn' po'po style.