Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I JUST talked to our Korea specialist on the phone, and she let me know that we'll be traveling to Korea as soon as 5 weeks from now, and as late as 9 weeks from now!
So the rush is on! I just finished a little blanket to send to Jin that has this flannel on one side. We've been sleeping with it, so hopefully it'll smell like us in a non-stinky kinda way. I'm also hoping to talk my mom into making a set of fitted crib sheets out of it.
I'm thinking this could make a cute little valance...
I've also got a sock monkey doll started for Jin. It's being made out of navy wool socks. Man, for someone that didn't want to have any sort of theme in a baby room, I'm sensing a little bit of a trend!


LA said...


another Joolie said...

Congratulations! (I've been lurking intermittently ever since I Googled my name a few years ago, and this seemed as good a time as any to delurk...uh, hi!)

Jocelyn said...


Clearly, there aren't enough letters on the keyboard for your news.

Dr Em said...

those sock monkeys look like they are jumping for joy! As well they should ;) XOXO - Em