Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Need a Good Solution!

This TV cabinet is perfect for hiding all of our TV crap. However, it isn't attractive. Anyone have some advice? The doors need to stay flat, so they'll stay open when the TV is on.

I like the idea of painting it and then putting umbrellas all over it. This one came from sprout studio.

I also like this color blocked look over on Design Sponge.

I also love the idea of stenciling our faces on the front... Maybe that's a bit over the top??? Picture from design sponge again.

My last idea would probably be the easiest, but I've never used these etsy decals before and I don't want them to peel off and look crappy.

Any other ideas or preferences?


LA said...

Oh, I have been coveting many, many decals on Etsy myself. I have a friend who has HUGE wall decals on her painted kitchen wall. They look great! If you paint that tv holder I bet the decals would look fancee.

Jocelyn said...

My vote's for the color blocking--keeps it more versatile for future furniture and room shuffling.

Ooh, give me more to vote on; I'm heady with the power.