Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Waiting...

Yeah, we're still waiting... Our Korea specialists think a call could come in on Friday, just a day before Zander's birthday. We're thinking it'll probably come the following week, but in spite of all that, this Halloween in my LAST DAY OF WORK. I love my job, and I pour A LOT into it, but it's time to get ready for Jin to get here! This was a busy weekend: running errands, getting the yard ready for winter, and spending one very luxurious night at the W hotel.

This entire website is occupying my brain right now... Especially the parts about attachment.

I'm hoping to spend a little time crafting this week. I like these headbands, and I think it could funk up my new haircut on days when I feel like a frump. I'd also like to get started on a top secret sewing project that needs to be done pronto.

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