Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

How does our sweet baby already know that chocolate is not an ordinary food? How does he know that it should be eaten until it makes your scalp tingle? We're on sugar detox. As of right now. I'm hoping to successfully wipe Jin's memory of the precious drug and replace it with a healthy love for broccoli and sunshine.


Janet said...

That is one CUTE Easter Bunny hopping around your place. Happy sugar detoxing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!!
This is Gene, Judy, Grandma, Tammy, Chris, Quincy, CJ, Jacob, Abby and Sherri...we have been checking out your journal. We have ewwwed, ahhhed, smiled, and cried at how wonderful your little boy is. We are soo happy for you and Zander. Jin is a lucky little boy.

Jocelyn said...

You are mighty optimistic. It's kind of like trying to wipe out the memory of a french fry after Grandma has slipped him one on the sly.

Just sayin', from experience, that the slippery slope cannot be climbed back up.

Beth said...

How does one forget the taste of Cadbury Mini Eggs?