Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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I feel like a scared mama bear today. We're meeting with the director of a very sweet Montessori school tomorrow. This is great! There are openings. Also great. It's a really good fit for us, and Jin loves his classes at ECFE so I'm pretty sure he'll love "real" school in September. But Jin has a very low-grade fever tonight and the swine flu has given me the hee-bee-jee-beez. SO my logical perspective is out the window and now I want to scrap our meeting and go live in the hills with my sweet little family. Jin can learn to write in the mud with a stick.


Steven Stwalley said...

Are Jin and Esther gonna be schoolmates?

Julie said...

Hi Steve! As of late August they will be! We saw Esther there today. I think she was hinting around with Zander about a trash compactor.

Janet said...

The school sounds nice. Jin...as CUTE as ever. :-) Love the bibs!

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