Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Just Discovered that I Talk Baby Talk

1. Yes, now that I know that I talk baby talk to my son, I'll try and stop.
2. If I tell Jin that he'd "better not do-so-and-so..." he is the MOST likely to do it. It didn't work today.
3. He loves talking about his Dad. And yes, he does know how to say Mama. It was his first word even.
4. We eat almost all of our meals with The Fish out on the table. When we're done, he goes back in the hutch or the cats try and eat him.
5. Jin is really in to snuggling and tickling right now.
6. Jin sleeps in his crib now, and last night was his second night in a row of sleeping through the night. I'm starting to be able to complete a thought again. Kind-of.
7. Being a mom to Jin is one of the best things I've ever experienced... Even when the bubble blowing sucks, when I don't feel like pretending to vacuum with Jin's toy (because I need to vacuum for real), when I find a poop chunk on the cute rug in his room AGAIN, when he pours his milk into his food, and even when he finds my fattest part, pokes it and laughs out of pure delight. Zander doesn't even get to do that one.

1 comment:

Becca Mahoney said...

Julie, at least you don't say "We have a dirty diaper" or "We threw a temper tantrum" when you're (most likely) just talking about Jin. :)