Sunday, May 03, 2009

Moo, Baa and Mmm

It's official. Almost every time, but mostly when he feels like it, Jin will tell you exactly what a cow, a sheep, and a vacuum sound like. He's still a little iffy on what cats sound like, but he can tell you that our cat's name is Boo. This is all really new folks, and as lame as it seems, it is really freaking exciting on our end.

Today we went to (and got there too late to see) the May Day Parade. It's difficult pushing a stroller through the masses! However, it was an absolutely lovely time to be in the park and take in all the hippie magic fairy dust. This very well might be my favorite day of the year!

Alright, the sweet boy won't be nearly as sweet if I don't start rocking him to sleep!

Maybe I'll do something crafty-like on this blog again soon!

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LA said...

That face is the bees knees!