Thursday, May 12, 2005

I feel a girlie weekend coming on

Last weekend I was out of town, now this weekend Zander will be out of town. Yuck. Phoo-yuck. To make myself feel less lonely and more productive/inspired/happy, I'll be filling it with only fun stuff. No laundry or cleaning or yardwork. OK, maybe a little here and there... But just the bare necessities. I'll be heading here on Friday night. I'm not sure if it'll be any good, but I just love seeing people's studios. Anyone free? I'd love some company. Saturday morning I'm heading out to check the junk boxes that say free at the end of people's driveways. I needs more stuff for my mosaic habit. After the garage sale I'm hoping to meet Rebecca somewhere on a sunny patio, and sip on a mimosa... Not sure if the weather will cooperate though! Saturday night I'm heading over to Anna's for wine and crafty shop-talk. I'm also hoping to sucker her into helping me with my very deep rooted phobia of sewing in a zipper. It could be painful for us both.


emily said...

julie! i got twoboxed of plates for $2 each at garage sales last weekend. i have TONS of supplies now. you should come over and we can work on our tables!

Ugly Juice said...

AHA! Didn't think I would read this and uncover your ulterior motives, eh?

Of course, I'll be happy to help you uncover the mystery of the zipper.