Wednesday, June 08, 2005


This past weekend we made it down to Zander's ten year college reunion. No we didn't ride into Grinnell on a tractor! I was a bit nervous about meeting so many new people, but it really was a great time. It was funny though, we spent a LOT of time talking to people from Minneapolis! I guess that means that we all need to get together a bit more often. Some of the high lites for me (not in any certain order)... 1. Meeting Pip, Zander's theater professor. She is the most centered, loving, welcoming, gracious lady. When I grow up I want to be like her. 2. Meeting Brandy from LooseTooth.

She has a cute little hedge hog! It ran around our dorm room with a toilet paper roll on its little head! 3. Getting a hug from Zander's freshman year girlfriend. She's beautiful and sweet. 4. Eating at the Dairy Barn.

I had a Whopper Cyclone. Yummm. 5. Rooming next to Mike and Emily. Yes, they did bust in around 2am wanting to know if we were up to the "devil's business." I don't think it was Emily's idea...


emily said...

julie, can you send me the pictures ?

Mara said...

Julie, You are beautiful and sweet, too!!! It was so wonderful to meet you and to see Zander so happy. Good luck going back to High School! : ) Mara