Thursday, June 09, 2005

No S!

Alright, many of you know that I've been an Atkin's girl, off and on for the last five years. Recently I decided that something about mostly eating meat, cheese and fake sweets just grosses me out. So, I went off of it. And I started my day with whatever the school lounge threw my way. Doughnuts and Tootsie Rolls you say? Oh yeah. Mayo dripping pasta salad with a side of birthday cake? Oh yeah. Dear friends, my favorite jean skirt is tight. Something needs to be done. I can't go back to Atkins. I don't want to count points and measure servings. I do want my jean skirt to fit nicely. I do well with easy rules, especially when there aren't very many. Thus the No S Diet and quality time spent with the treadmill.


emily said...

i have been on this diet for years (although i may not be a good spokesperson...). i DO eat snacks, but i try to only eat snacks that are fruits, vegetables, or yogurt. i was in a bad habit of eating cheese-its when i got from work but i have since sworn them off.

i think your tight skirt might be related to reunion weekend. we drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of dari barn.

the scientist in me has to say something about atkins, it is NOT magic. there are no magic combinations of foods that make people lose weight. what works about atkins is that most people find it easy to stick to. there have been no long term studies (nothing longer than 6 months that i know of, and even these are of questionable scientific rigor) showing what the long term effects of eating meat and cheese are. what is magic is fruits and vegetables!

LA said...

This S Diet sounds nifty, but don't you want to wait until you are back from NYC?

Ugly Juice said...

I think the no "S" diet sounds great.

...can I still put sugar in my coffee?

emily said...

i just worked on some research looking at sugar sweetened beverages and diabetes risk. when i presented my results people kept asking me, what about the sugar people put in their coffee? i didn't think coffee sweeteners were important, that is until i found out how much anna puts in her coffee! no seriously, 3 teaspoons of sugar is still insignificant compared to the 12+ that is in a can of pop.

Shad said...

It's not fairy magic but it is science (Ketosis) and it DOES make you drop weight in faster way than anything else.

I don't like Atkins, but there are other ways of inducing Ketosis that work too. Fun with body chemistry!

Unfortunatly for me, since I know that I can start it, and drop 20+ lbs in a month, I over-eat otherwise thinking that I'll start it some day....but then never do.

So now I'm extra fat.

I like that guy's attitude. I've tried to think I can mentally overcome my eating problems but when PA pain sets in, eating feels really really good and beats the brain every time.

Shad said...

Oh yeah, when Zander first told me about this I thought he said "No A.S.S diet"

I'd be into that.

Julie said...

I'd be way into that too. I wish there was something that took care of the butt area FIRST. Other than good old fashioned lipo, that is.