Sunday, August 07, 2005

Three Things

1. If you're in the Twin Cities you NEED to get signed up to get these weekly updates. Today I scored a beatiful handmade quilt for our bedroom, a vintage fiestaware cutie pie bowl, a fertility doll, a set of 16 mugs that I'm going to smashie-smashie, a big old blue beaded necklace, and some vintage linens to hang in our kitchen for under $15! I'm so proud of my purchases that I'll have to post pics when Zander gets back with the camera.

2. In my opinion, the Uptown Art Fair has become an absolute bore. Yes, there was some good stuff there. In fact, most of what I saw had wonderful craftsmanship. Done to perfection. I totally support putting the arts in the public eye. I love that this particular fair is huge and, from what I understand, difficult to get in to. But do we want the general public to see art as something clean and shiney, not much soul, and expensive?

3. We're contemplating a second car. A smallish truck, if we can find one. My sisters and Mom accompanied me to Car Mart (a sell your own car lot out in Maplewood) today and I was suprised that there were a few right around my price range. My favorite was a Toyota Tacoma and it was CUTE. Just as we were opening the hood and looking for the VIN, a guy (I thought he was the sales person) came up and offered to let me start it up. He was a little gruff about why we cared about the VIN, but if we wanted to waste our time with numbers we could just be his guest. At that point I should have realized that something was up. I took it for a little spin around the lot, and as I pulled up next to him he wanted to know what I thought. Well, besides the ENGINE LIGHT BEING ON, it was pretty nice. "You can't trust those engine lights, they come on all the time." "Yeah," I said, "but I just can't spend money on something with an engine light on." "Oh sure, it runs like new, but you trust a little light. Last week a bunch of damn asians came in and messed around under the hood so that the light would come on. But you go ahead and trust a little light when it runs like perfect. YOU, get out of the truck." I did get out, I was in shock. He got in the truck and squealed out of the parking lot. I hope he was on his way to an anger management class. Apparently he was the owner and I hurt his little feelings by looking for a VIN and getting all hyper trusting of a stupid little engine light. Hrrmph.


Ugly Juice said...

Well, I think "absolute bore" is a strong assessment, but I agree that the uptown art fair is getting worse every year. More of a fart fair, in fact. Lots of paintings and stuff this year. But I still loved it.

Julie said...

Absolute bore is probably strong. I gave it more than two hours of my day and there were only about 3 things that I wanted to spend some time looking at. I really liked the Loring fair this year--less hype, a little smaller, some art, some craft. It just felt a bit more human to me.

LA said...

Agreed about the Fart Air, Julie.
Steve and I went Estate Sale shopping this weekend as well, and to be honest, I thought a couple of times, "I wonder when I'll run into Julie at one of these things". :)

emily said...

i tired of the uptown art fair years ago. it is boring. it is like a fart fair. it's so big and it's all the same! i went to the powderhorn art fair where i actually saw things that i had not seen before and that i could afford. in fact, i kind of regret not buying some of them.