Tuesday, August 02, 2005

we're back!

We're back and we had a great time in Franklin, in case you're wondering. It was a relaxing vacation with lots of time for great chatting and delicious eating. We got to see a really huge lighting show that seemed to me like it was right there in the back yard. Although the yard is really a huge field that gets mowed and then raked and then burnt to the ground in just a few really smokey piles. I love bonfires... So mesmerizing... Must stare into the fire... We also got to play lots of ping-pong in the attic of the new garage. The Cannons are a ping-pong playing family, and had absolutely no problem mopping the floor with me. Our tourament is called The Coop Classic. Next year I hope to dominate.

It's fun coming back to such an exciting week. First off, Anna took great such great care of my plants that I've got quite a little harvest going on. Thank you! The next best exciting thing is our block party tonight. I'm making key lime pie and maybe some kind of salad. I'm excited to meet some more of the neighbors. Thursday night is the Crafter's conspiracy meeting, which is also very exciting. Archana is a lovely lady and I just love this whole henna business. AND this weekend is art and craft mayhem with all of the festivals going on all over the city. YEEEHHAAAW!


LA said...

Welcome back Julie!

BC said...

We just loved, loved, loved having you and Zander in Franklin. Tonight we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner and Tom Bond was telling me how much he enjoyed talking to you and Z and how natural and interesting you are. We all miss you!