Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today I worked like crazy to get everything organized for a few days off from school. It was time consuming because things that come as second nature to me, obvious as all get out, easy as pie, I need to write out piece by piece for a substitute teacher. As I was prepping my students for my days away, making sure they don't miss me TOO much, really all they wanted to know... "Is the sub hot?" Anyway, we're heading out to Colorado for a family wedding where the bride and groom are going to ski down the hill as they tie the knot. Pretty exciting. Being not much of a skier myself, I'm going to ride down the hill instead. We'll be back on Sunday, and I'll update a bit then. Have a great weekend!


Nathan said...

Don't worry about your classes too much. I'll be sure to at least take care of second hour... you know how clueless substitutes can be, especially when twenty kids are coming up to them asking where the thing-he-doesn't-know-where-it is is.

We'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

seriously ms cannon is the sub hot??? im kidding of course have a simply smashing time while ur away!! wheres mine and dashes picture?!?!? love ben horvath schlotfeldt

Jess said...

First of all, is Ben Horvath Sclotfeldt related to Janet Horvath? Because I used to do chores for her to pay for my cello lessons.

As for writing crap out for subs - it sucks! That's one thing I HATE about teaching school - it's practically more work to take the day off than to go to school. Many a time I was found trekking over to school while my head was conjested and my voice gone so I could drop off some sub plans before first period. Of course, the sub would ignore them and show a video.

Beth said...


This is off topic for this post, but has to do with one a few down. I tried your szechuan noodle recipe, it was amazing! Jon loved it and the kids liked but thought it was a bit spicy. I added snow snap peas and saute`d chicken. You need to make this if you haven't already =)