Monday, May 28, 2007

spring flowers

What a weekend... We hung out with good friends, ate good food, and got a TON done around the house. I even made it out to the Value Village 50% off sale early this morning. I'm happy. Content even. Think happy thoughts for us tomorrow, we're meeting with the social worker at our house. I gave the poison hatch under the sink an extra good cleaning. I'm picturing her looking through that kind of stuff. I'm imagining her writing in her notes something about how I should use something all the way up before I open a new bottle of tough on grease cleanser.
Since I'm a little bit nervous about our meeting tomorrow, I'm going to need to go on
a really boring rant about my garden. I'm loving working in the garden these days. My prettiest stuff doesn't even need any of my help. It just does what it's supposed to do.

I don't know exactly what kind of bush this is, but I think that I've heard it called an orange bush. It's huge and overbearing, but these little blooms smell divine. Ahhhh.

Last year I planted poppies and they kind of flopped. I was completely surprised to see them bud out this year. I love how they look like phalic looking aliens.

Here're my climbing roses. Can't wait for them to bloom.


Jocelyn said...

Oh, do tell how the home visit went. You left a bong out on the coffee table, right?

Your flowers are soooooooo much ahead of anything we have up Nord here. Plus, the damn deer keep coming and eating our tulips and pansies and crap. I'm bow hunting this fall, just so we can have some flowers next year.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is really beautiful-I haven't seen any Clematis (the blue one) blooming yet. The bush that smells so good is a Mock Orange-and I've never had luck with poppies, and yours look so cool!