Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today I woke up around 4:30 AM wondering what we should do today. We've wandered around the city lots and lots, and there's so much to see. We're staying in the Hongik University area, so the college kids are bar hopping, the ex-pats are puking in the alley ways around 7:00 AM, and the trees aren't quite ready to drop all of their leaves. At the guest house after breakfast today we were chatting with some other people meeting with their children this week too. We're all thinking about the long flight home and just wanting to see our babies. Tomorrow we'll see Jin just after his nap. Anyway, we just spent about 2 hours holding babies in the orphanage's nursery. A few were only days old and I'm guessing that the rest were under a month old. There were two women taking care of 30 babies! They were getting great care, but they really need volunteers to help out. I almost didn't go in because I was afraid we'd get in the way, but they put us to work. Now we're heading out to eat and then off to Toy Alley, looking for some cute Korean stuff for Jin and his cousins. Thanks everyone for all your sweet thoughts and wishes for us. Other than shedding a few tears leaving the nursery today we're having a terrific time.

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Butch and Tracy said...

Sounds like things are going wonderfully. Congrats again!