Thursday, November 06, 2008

The first meeting

Our first meeting with Jin was so wonderful. His foster mother and her daughter are very sweet women who've taken great care of him. He's big. He's beautiful. He's got 8 teeth. He's walking. He say Appah (daddy) and Omah (mommy). His voice seems deep to me. He was cautious around us at first, but eventually he sat on my lap and let us give him toys, which he put immediately into his mouth. Now we've got the rest of the day and the entire weekend to figure out ways to distract ourselves until Monday when we can see him again. When I met Zander I felt like I'd already known him for a really long time, and now with Jin I feel that again. We are both so happy and just can't wait to bring this guy home.


Granny said...

Fabulous. We can't hear enough about Jin. He knows that he's getting great parents!

Rebecca said...

We are waiting too! Thanks for the updates. Anxious and excited in Minneapolis and sending you good thoughts and lots and lots of love!

LA said...

Thank you for the updates! We are all so excited for you!!!
Good move shaving the beard, Zander. Don't worry, you can grow it back in couple of days, right? ;)

Butch and Tracy said...

Congratulations. I hope that the weekend flies by so you can see your baby again!