Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here's some exciting news... The city of Minneapolis is giving us a 0% interest loan that gets paid off only when we sell our house. While we certainly don't want to change the place a ton and therefore price ourselves out of the hood, we do want to make some "quality of life" changes. Such as, oh yeah baby, a shower in the bathroom instead of down in the basement. It feels so self-indulgent to do this when the shower downstairs works just fine, but really folks, it will be heaven to shower in a proper room with a light and even an exhaust fan. We need to pick out the tile for the backsplash, and then the shower head and faucet. I think that'll be fun to pick out. Speaking of self-indulgent, why not build a deck too? I mean, we don't even have one tree on our entire property, so it's not like we can go for the cool, shady oasis that the Juice has going on. (That I'm so jealous of, by the way) Here are a couple of imperfect, but on the right track for our space, ideas that we've seen so far. Please insert all the weird crap you can imagine I'll be using my summer to find, giving these spaces oh so much more personality.

I love the shade provided in this one, but hate the metal banister.

Again, I like the shade given on this one, and I kind of like the privacy latice... but there's still something about it that I don't l-o-v-e love. I keep getting hung up on coming up with something that will match the era of our little stucco house. I'm not sure what that would be though.

On Friday afternoon I found myself in Anthropology wondering how to justify spending $68 on a tank top. Folks, I REALLY tried, and it just can't be done. Happily, lots of the stuff I liked was just a basic tank with a little birdie sewn on. Or a basic a-line skirt with an extra little vintage-looking ruffle sewn into the hem. I can do that kind of stuff no problemo! I'm going through my fabric stash this weekend, and I'm totally looking forward to hitting the sewing machine hard tomorrow afternoon.

This bird is hand sewn, but wouldn't it be adorable in a light color embroidered on a dark t-shirt that's just lying around the house? Martha has all of the state birds just ready for your downloading pleasure.

Speaking of Martha, I just might need this. You can get it here.


Beth said...

The picture of the bird reminds me of a quilt my mom made. She hand embroidered each of 50 squares with a picture of each State Bird- then quilted them together. The project actually took her 35 years. She started it on her honeymoon, and finished it a couple weeks before her 35th wedding anniversary! It was something she just worked on during vacations or flights. It is beautiful, and one of my favorite items of hers!

emily said...

i love that t-shirt.

i have a thing for birds. why not stencil some birds on tank tops?

by the way, i have once bought something for full price at anthropologie. this super cute cardigan with vintage ribbons sewn on and i still wear it a lot. last year there was a cardigan with a bird on it that was $98 and i kind of regret not buying it because i am always thinking about the times i could be wearing it. like right now!

Messica said...

I like the first deck a LOT. it is super-cute. I like how simple it is visually, and You could figure out something else for the railing. The second one is too BUSY. there are just way too many lines going on.

I too have downloaded those Martha Birds but never got around to doing anything with them. Lazy lazy girl.

today in the snow I am dreaming about a home we saw this weekend in Bryn Mawr. It had the most fantastic 4-season porch in back that would have been amazing on a snowy day. If we lived there, I would totally have called in sick. Only about half of us are here anyway, if that. Ugh.

Betsy said...

I think you like the white one because it is much simpler. The wood one is so 70s. You could certainly do a simple wooden railing. Think twice about painting your deck--much simpler to have stained wood. Also--have you thought about making a little framed in entry way on your back porch (top step)? Then you could have no door opening into the kitchen, a little extra space (very little) and you could enter anywhere you want--meaning the door could open in the same direction, or to the side. Just a thought.

LA said...

That's super excitig ews aout the loa ad everythig you guys ca do with it. It looks like it's goig to e a fun sprig at your house.

Speakig of sprig....

Happy first day of...sprig!

(keyoard issues)