Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The last class that I teach everyday is a doozie. While there are so many serious/wonderful/fun/smart kiddies in there, there are also some real, shall we say, hand-fulls/poop-heads. Right now my energy is completely zapped, I'm crabby, AND I have to go to both Weight Watchers and my last oil painting class tonight. To look on the bright side, it is the last painting class. On the flip side of that coin, I can't stand that beyotchy teacher and I'm really just drooling to write her a crappy evaluation. Staying on the pessimistic side, I chowed down last night and so I'm sure the scale will be up today for weigh-in. Dang Yo, excercising makes me hungry. To latch onto any little piece of zen that I might, I'm reading the "guiding principles." (over and over again) It's really just a list of the (supposedly) most commonly used words from the Constitution, Bill of rights, the Koran, the Bible, and the Boy & Girl Scouts of America. Here goes:


If I could add creativity to the list, I would. It helps me feel good. What would happen if we took every aspect of our lives and made them creative? Dealing with the disgusting bathroom at work that leaks sewage everyday? (Just another perk of being a teacher) Fold a 5 star hotel toilet triange everytime you pee. It'll make you laugh. Got another parking ticket in uptown? Mail it in with scratch 'n sniffs. The gross kind.


Rocco said...

When I was a kid, we had ducks in our back yard. Then they ate all the grass and we had a dirt backyard full of ducks and duck dung. It complimened my dad's collection of random scrap wood, scap metal, and 42 gallon drums (barrels) he bought for some reason and never used (be careful with your Dumpster Diving Joolie, or this could be your backyard one day). We did little to dispell the notion that Texans are rednecks.

Anyway, one of my daily chores was to empty the duck bath. We had a couple of plastic tubs that we filled with water for the ducks to hang out in/clean up in/crap in/pee in. It was my job to take the duck baths down to the compost pile and empty them out at the end of theday. and then fill them with fresh water.

The water was brownish blackish and aromatic, which could also be said for coffee. But this water would never be confused with coffee, unless you take your coffee with sugar, cream, crap, dirt, pee, and diseased duck feathers.

I wouldn't descibe this chore as "overly bearable," so I did what anyone would do in this situation. I pretended like the tub of water was the Love Boat and pushed it along the ground. This made a thirty second walk to the compost pile a 30 minute playdate with a magical world where duck water was actually Julie, Gopher, Captain Stubbing, Isaac, and Charo.

This "creative" twist on a bizarre chore lasted for about a month until my dad saw how long it took me to change out the duck bath. Then he told me for the 12843274th time that "Work is work. Work is not supposed to be fun."

So the Love Boat was canceled in my back yard and he saw to it that I carry the tub of duck water like all the other 2nd graders would, if for some reason they had to on a daily basis.

So that's where creativity gets you Julie. It gets you pushing a tub of crap and pee soup for 30 minutes, when you could just carry it for 30 seconds.

I say keep creativity off that list.

Nathanial Gamer, esq. said...

Beyotchy? That you had to evaluate? I'm going to use my immense sleuthing skills to figure this one out... lessee, I was talking to Bueltel, and she said that usually teachers evaluate people in their own department, and since there's only one other woman in the art dept, I'm going to assume it's her. Plus, I can't really imagine anyone calling Krohn a beyotch. Well, I actually CAN imagine it, I just doubt that it would actually happen.

Anyway... I found your blog. Now you'll never be able to escape from my blog-reading wrath. Oh, all that other stuff you wrote in this post was nice, too.

Julie said...

Oh Nate, your sluething skills are lacking on this one. I LOVE Colletti. The teacher I'm talking about is my own oil painting class teacher. I take a class in MPLS every Wednesday and it's awful.

Messica said...

BTW when are you going to try body pump with me? Maybe on a saturday morning or after work one day? Let me know, Doolie!