Monday, October 09, 2006

In an effort to keep our extra bedroom an actual bedroom, instead of the junk pile heaven it so easily becomes, I'm turning a big attic closet into an office. On Sunday I headed over to IKEA to pick up a few things to help me stay organized. It was packed with loud people with their carts filled with oh so much stuff and of course, their loud children. Blech.

I bought this little honey. Think of all the stamps, paper clips and rubber bands it will hold! Then think about the three hours, 88 mini nails and 16 screws that it takes to put it together. I bought two of them. Don't do it people. You'll curse and cry after smashing your thumb again and then pull out most of your hair.

Then, right after I felt so accomplished for finally getting it together, I see how cute it looks when someone else puts it together.
While I think it'd be lovely to make mine all cute, I'm hoping one of those little fairies come and take care of it for me.


Jocelyn said...

That little fairy should have the name of Zander, right?

Reb said...

i could almost feel the smashing of my thumb with a hammer.. that is totally how my life is when I try and put something together..and then I swear.. a lot.

manda said...

Hah! Even though I trained as a carpenter I got my husband to put it together! Then I just did the fun stuff ;) Thanks for the compliment. And if that fairy turns up can you send her my way when you're done with her?

Reb said...

my goodness I just looked at Manda's site and you two could be sisters! You have so much talent and creativity in common. I am so envious. I would like to be able to creat things like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey JC Darryl Hall here from the popular 80's pop duo Hall&Oates. Anyways I just wanted to say that I never pictured you shopping at IKEA, it just doesnt seem like a Julie Cannon type of thing to do. Anyways have a good MEA weekend because I know you are at the conference learning new stuff about teaching (yeah right)

Have a good one,
Darryl Hall