Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some random stuff:
1) We sold a foosball table on craigslist this weekend. I was sad to get rid of it, but we just don't use it, and it's been disassembled in our upstairs attic for about 2 months... Anyway, the guy who bought it runs a house for ex-felons re-entering society. He said a couple of the guys will come and pick it up tonight. I hate to be paranoid, tacky and inappropriate, but does anyone have a tazor that we can borrow just for tonight?
2) Got my hair cut last night. My stylist (and sweet friend that I miss) moved to New York and so I've been searching for someone new. I won a certificate to the Hair Police last week, so that made for an easy decision. The good news is that it's right above the best shoe store EVER. Oh gosh, Heavenly Soles, why do you vex me so? Taunting me with your cute little Campers. Aimee gave me a good cut, but whisked me out of her chair with my hair still dripping wet. Not that I was looking for anything special, except maybe not looking like I just got pushed into the swimming pool.
3) Speaking of the salon, my eyebrows are out of control. (Please God, don't let Zander read this. I wan't him to always believe in the magic force that keeps my face perfectly hair free) Anyway, I look like a werewolf. I know some of you have never needed to tweeze, but I on the other hand learned long ago that a good tweezerman is my friend. I need some shaping help. I tend to let them go or sculpt them into the thinnest little line that also looks like crap on me. Anyone know someone good and local?
4) Tuesdays are always a fiesta here at the Irondale salad bar. Score for me and my fiesty little banana peppers. Not that I can really taste the food in my prescribed 20 minute lunch break.
5) I'm going to an acupuncturist today. I'm admitting it. I've been trying to exhaust every possible solution to my lovely fertility issues. This is a consultation visit. If I like having needles stuck into my eyeballs (they do that right?) I'll be referring to her from now on as My Very Own Witch Doctor.
6) Not much craftiness going on lately. It must be the changing seasons, but I'm sleepy. I've been falling asleep before nine for the last few weeks.
7) I wish I could share more specifics on funny things that happen here at school. There are some real jewels lately. However. the students still read this here blog. I'm wondering if this entry will bore them sufficiently, so they will just move on?
8) Belly Dance class starts again this Saturday. We had a break for the last few weeks, and I'm really excited to get started again. It's the beginning of the session. If any of you are interested in trying it out, just let me know. It is high on fun, and oh so low on intimidating.
9) I just picked up the cutest little polyester shirt on the Value Village Halloween rack. It was cheap but really smelled like BO. Knowing that Tide always does the trick, and that I've got a new Vanilla Lavendar fabric softener, I picked it up without hesitation. I've washed it twice now and still can't wear it. Still smells. One more washing and if it does not shape up, I'm donating it right back to the Village.
10) Hope your weeks are going well everyone, and that your Tuesday is filled with something even more exciting than fiesta salad bar...


Reb said...

Regarding hair removal: I am crunchy granola girl about most things but within the past year have tried bikini waxing and will never.. read NEVER go back to anything else. I'll sell plasma to continue on with this practice... The best girl in the whole world works at Wave Salon on 36th and Hennepin in Uptown. Her name is Anastasia.. you will meet her, she will remove unwanted hair, you will never seek anyone else again.

LA said...

I have also heard of this Anastasia woman! No joke! She must be pretty awesome.
Heavenly Soles is THEE BOMB! The sales rack is like, totally kick ass.
Regarding the BO shirt situation: try soaking the shirt for 2 days in 3 parts water and one part vinegar then wash it again as normal. I hope it works!!

LA said...

OH NO! The de-stink recipe is
1 gallon H20: 1 CUP Vinegar!

Although, I suppose if the BO is really that bad, the original recipe couldn't hurt. ;)

emily said...

i let them go until the situation is quite urgent and then i just go to the nearest place. i tend to get my brows done in mall hair salons. last time i went to regis in mall of america. it was fine, nothing spectacular.

i get my hair cut at bella salon at 50th and france. i love my hair cut girl. the brow waxer is also amazing, but she is always booked in advance which doesn't work with my "system."

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Cannon, your blog has not yet become boring!! I still read it.. I think I was one of the student founders of it too! Anyways..I miss you, and I am sure you miss me!
Your long lost favorite online student!!